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Mobius Car Camera Install

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Mon Nov 23 2015, 04:37am
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Joined: Sep 17 2014
Location: Manchester
Hey All,

Been looking into getting a car camera for quite a while now due to a couple of near misses.

Watched this review that my brother sent me and was sold.

- Click Here -

The place I ordered it from was JooVuu

- Click Here -

I ordered the suction mount, the wide lens camera, you have to select a car charger, a 4m cable and the super capacitor.

Came to just over £67 quid using the free shipping code YAYFREESHIPPING.

I installed it on the left of the mirror to test it, and have to say...the day shots were fantastic. Even in low sun the video was very clear! Tested it at night and again, more than suitable for my needs!

The 4 metre cable was just enough to route it from the wing mirror to the front cubby hole. I think 5metres would have been better to do a complete hidden install by a professional, however I'm happy with what I did. As I didn't have to remove any trim. Also the cable that comes with it, is quite heavy duty, not like the poor cables you get off ebay!

The only thing is you can't use the USB sockets that come on the car as the head unit tries to read the memory card.

So had to get a multi USB car socket adapter.

- Click Here -

Priced at £6.99, its a bargain!

The only downside is that it is a very very tight fit to close the cubby hole, when you close it. You need a bit of force!

Anyway here are the pics or the routed cable and what it looks like from the drivers seat!

I haven't changed the battery to the super capacitor yet. I thought I might as well let the battery die before I swap it over.

Cheers for looking!

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Mon Nov 23 2015, 04:41am

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Looks interesting.
Mon Nov 23 2015, 03:36pm
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I don't have the "dotty" bit on the glass behind the mirrors - is that standard?
Mon Nov 23 2015, 04:09pm
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Location: Manchester
Not sure what it's for but came with the car!
Mon Nov 23 2015, 08:58pm
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Location: Zagreb
Some glass types have extra UV protection layer that helps to keep the car cooler but also partially shield from radio frequency signals. Dotty area shows where this shield is not present and that is the place to put RFID tags (EZ-Pass, automatic Garage ramps etc). If you have aftermarket Sat-Nav device, it will have better signal if you put it there.
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 vimto2000 (24 Nov 2015 : 01:04)
Thu Nov 26 2015, 04:49am
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Location: Manchester
Well, got to say my car cam has proved to be useful.

Yesterday morning I was sitting at a traffic lights probably 15 cars deep. When a car pulls out behind me and floors it into oncoming traffic. Gets close to the lights where the oncoming traffic has to do an emergency stop. Then turns left at the lights.

Caught the number plate, however the car was going so fast and I was standing still so the dash cam couldn't pick it up.

Anyway reported this to the police, as its only a matter of time before he injures someone else!
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