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`Performance Exhaust`

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Tue Nov 03 2015, 06:37am
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Joined: Jul 09 2011
Location: south africa

I have a damaged bumper up front and back Never bothered repairing it, but beginning next year I'd like to fix it.

I have a C4 VTS 2.0 [180] 2006 (Petrol)

I noticed body kits on the net for the car, I am considering that over getting the stock body parts.

But they all seem to be made for a dual exhaust system.
Has anyone seen body kits on the net that are for a single exhaust?

Else, what would justify adding another exhaust? I'm not looking at adding a turbo/supercharger, but will be adding a performance air filter.
Are there any small modifications on the exhaust system that I would make that would justify having 2 exhausts out back? I'm not really much for changing the way it sounds, unless there is a performance value involved :-P

Thank you.
Tue Nov 03 2015, 07:02am
Member No: #20680
Joined: Jul 09 2011
Location: south africa
Double post.

I see kits for single exhaust, but still curious whether there are worth while performance modifications with changing the exhaust?
By the sounds of it (pun!) the C4 exhaust is covered for performance and wont show any value to be changed.
Tue Nov 03 2015, 07:06am

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Location: Northumberland
Twin tail pipes are just 'cosmetic' to change the look and won't change performance.

The original Citroen Body Kit for the Coupe was single exhaust but was expensive...... There are pictures on site somewhere

CIT Tuning do a 'Chrono' kit which is for a single rear pipe - Click Here - for more info (being outside the EU you wouldn't pay the Vat)

EDIT: forgot to add, go to - Click Here - scroll down and look at the CIT Tuning discount info near the page end.
Wed Nov 04 2015, 02:38am
Member No: #20680
Joined: Jul 09 2011
Location: south africa
Ah I didnt find that. I'm going to go through that specials page for a while. That's really nice, I might just get this.
Seems I'll still have to fixup the rear bumper that has minor damage.
Sat Nov 07 2015, 02:15am
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Joined: Jul 09 2011
Location: south africa
Great. Just fixed up my car.
I had to emergency stop for an accident right infront of me. The moment I stopped, not smashing into anyone, a taxi drove into me, smashing me into the car infront of me.

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