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How often do we need to do servicing?

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Thu Nov 19 2015, 07:17am
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Joined: Dec 15 2007
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Engine oil flush is added to the oil then the engine run for the recommended time on the product prior to draining it. Pattern oil filters are known to be troublesome, go to a Citroen dealer and buy one.
Thu Nov 19 2015, 12:05pm
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Joined: Oct 09 2015
Location: London
can anyone explain me what maniacs_id_vaunted said. I bought my car couple of months ago and this is my first diesel car. I am highlighting what he said " One thing that no one has informed you off, the main reason the turbo fails! the oil feed pipe bottom banjo bolt has a filter that should be removed. " what is that filter called and does it need to be removed or replace like oil filter?
Grumpy GrandPa   
Sat Jun 11 2016, 09:22am
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Joined: Aug 28 2009
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