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Genuine C4 roof bars

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Fri Jul 31 2015, 03:01pm
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Joined: Jul 31 2015
Location: Leominster
Hello everyone. I've just purchased some second hand original Citroen C4 roof bars for my 2007 5 door C4 hatch.

The fixing bolts that have come with them seem too long to fit. I'm left with about an inch of bolt protruding and the bars are very loose.

Does anyone know what size bolts I can buy to fit correctly. It's not mentioned what size they are in the original instructions.
Thank you.
Sat Aug 01 2015, 01:26am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Your correct that the fitting guide: - Click Here - does not say what size the bolts are, but they need to be High Tensile Allan bolts.
Sat Aug 01 2015, 02:26am
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Location: Lancashire
But please tap the 6mm hole before you try the bolts, if you don't a broken bolt is a nightmare and expensive

Sat Aug 01 2015, 05:00am
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Location: Widnes, Cheshire

You have to tap each hole in turn before fitting each bolt to remove dirt and any rust. A little bit of grease on each bolt will help for the future as well.
Sat Aug 01 2015, 05:43am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
ISTR the kit provides a 5th set screw to clear the threads of the fixed nuts on the roof.

"Prior to fitting the bars, pass the 6/100 tap into the 4 fixing nuts on the roof."

I'm 99% sure 6/100 means 6mm diameter and 100mm long.

Hope this helps.

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