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Creaking / Squeaky rear suspension. Damper Mountings?

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Tue Jan 31 2017, 01:29pm
Member No: #43200
Joined: Jan 05 2016
Location: Telford
its a 2016 grand Picasso exclusive plus, just a year old with 12,870 miles

was booked in for creaking noise when driving around slowly like around a car park, sound like its from the rear

also had the first service and emission fluid topped up

does anyone know what the TSB states

the service advisor said there should be a modified part but no date of when it would be available ?

Fri Apr 07 2017, 03:21am
Member No: #48049
Joined: Apr 07 2017
Location: Cheshire
I have the same car as carl1tf. Experiencing same problems. Car sounds like an old creaking bed. Loud enough that people look up when I park! Dealer tells me they thought they had a cure but it didn't actually fix the problem, so not fixable at the moment. They seem unbothered to be honest. I'm unhappy that a brand new car makes such an embarrassing noise after 3000 miles. Has anybody had any luck with a repair? Cheers
Mon Apr 10 2017, 02:09pm
Member No: #43200
Joined: Jan 05 2016
Location: Telford
Hi Gypmoo, my car has been in twice to the local dealer and each time they just fob me off with Citroen are working on a fix but just as you describe they don't seem to be bothered at all and just poor service in my opinion, it's embarrassing to be honest it sounds terrible when driving around a car park or drive through.
Wed May 10 2017, 05:30am
Member No: #48327
Joined: May 10 2017
Location: Luton
My 2015 GP has this and the local dealer was authorised to replace the rear axle unit.

On checking if this was any safety or reliability problems about to develop, it's no, it's perfectly safe, just annoying. But the news just in is the replacement is cancelled. There is a mousse (foam) to be injected into the assy, time Man hours about 1.5 hours. The only problem the kits are on back order. When I ran quality upgrades or recalls, we always made the provisions at the dealer before we announce any work. But that's too simple these days.

Wed May 10 2017, 03:13pm
Member No: #2617
Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex
Also affecting our French colleagues, I notice (albeit in French), the actual official Citroen TSB for this problem is posted here:

- Click Here -

I've not completely translated it, but its interesting to see nonetheless.
Fri May 12 2017, 02:33am
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Joined: Oct 10 2012
Location: UK
My August 2014 GP EX + has been nothing but a nightmare, suspension creek's, steering creek's, auto judders when in traffic. Yesterday I had to have the motor replaced on the massage driver's seat and the creek repaired. The glass roof has been replaced because it cracked. The dash has been replaced twice due to it going blank and effecting all sorts of things such as the hill hold, keyless entry, lights. The air con controller ECU had to be replaced as it stuck on the coldest setting. The a/c heat exchanger had to be changed. The power hatch struts changed and endless problems‚Äč with these. Windscreen wipers came loose. Indicators intermittently not working. Beeps and warnings flash on the dash for no reason. Doing 70 on the motorway and it tells me parking not available??? The list goes on.
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 gmerry (12 May 2017 : 05:46)
Fri May 12 2017, 05:51am
Member No: #11625
Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
Sounds like a FRIDAY car. Hopefully with perseverance you can get all the issues sorted under warranty!

By the way, what's the difference between a creek and a creak? One has water like a small tidal stream and one is like a squeak. - Click Here -
A bit like all those forum posts with people pushing the "break" pedal.
Sun May 28 2017, 11:27am
Member No: #43184
Joined: Jan 04 2016
Location: Bath
Our 16 plate C4 GP Exclusive + also is doing the squeaky bedspring thing at the rear at low speed. Hear it best when the car is being reversed on/driven off our drive.

We will be booking it in to have its rear end checked out. We will mention the TSB and see what they say.
Wed Aug 23 2017, 05:28am
Member No: #49008
Joined: Jul 25 2017
Location: Aberdeen
My GP just had this work carried out and when asked for a copy of the TSB i got told sharply that i cant get it, is there anyone with a copy of this TSB??
Mon Sep 11 2017, 11:36am
Member No: #4689
Joined: Jul 28 2008
Location: Surrey
My C4 GP has just started "creaking" at the rear. My car is low mileage (7500 miles). The noise seems to be coming from the off-side rear and can only be heard when moving at low speed (with the window open). This noise happens both forward and in reverse.

Is it likely that my car has the known problem, if it is only on one side?
Mon Sep 11 2017, 12:01pm
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
It is a known issue. Mine was like it. The agent should treat it under warranty by injecting foam.
Wed Sep 13 2017, 04:47am
Member No: #4689
Joined: Jul 28 2008
Location: Surrey
I have just booked my car into Robbins & Day to have the work done. They tell me that Citroen will not replace the back axle (as reported earlier in this thread), but only use the foam. My car is still under warranty.

Is this "fix" good enough?
Wed Sep 13 2017, 06:59am
Member No: #44531
Joined: Apr 20 2016
Location: Cork
Mine is booked for foam job on the 22nd. The dealer just booked me in after I mentioned the squeaks coming from the back suspension.
Sun Sep 17 2017, 03:20pm
Member No: #49236
Joined: Aug 22 2017
Location: Split
Hi everybody, I have been also owner of 2016 c4gp and had the same problem after after one year and 20 000 km. You could hear the noise at low speeds, or if you would just rock your car while standing.
I have been assured that safety was not compromised, and it was "serial" problem with this generation. Supposedly it is fixed now with facelift, we'll see...

First they said they would foam it, but then after checking they figured out it had to be completely replaced. Under warranty ofcourse. Apparently foaming or replacing depends on country.

Sat Oct 07 2017, 04:59pm
Member No: #36329
Joined: Jul 06 2014
Location: London
Ive just started have this at the rear. Ill have to get it looked at and yes I 1st heard this going round a small car park with the window open with lots of potholes.

Have a larger issue at the front with a bigger squeek and clutch issues. Seems Ill be there for a bit (again) 2014 Friday car
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