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Saying goodbye to an old friend

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Tue Jun 09 2015, 02:08am

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Joined: Mar 08 2009
Location: Kent, UK
It's more than eight years since we met on the dealer forecourt. April 2007 to be precise, although the salesman had faithfully promised it for February.

Since then it had been more reliable than anything else I've owned in fifty one years of motoring. In retirement, and in and out of hospital, my mileage has dropped to a current 5,000 miles a year making a total of 50,000 during that time. But regardless of the weather and sitting outdoors waiting patiently for long period it has always started first time.

Repairs have been minimal during that period.

* A broken top box lid after a few weeks ownership was quickly replaced by the dealer - obviously a bad batch in this new model.

* New rear brake pads at 18,000 because the dealer messed up the one year brake fluid change, leaving air in a rear cylinder and constant rubbing. The fluid from that cylinder looked like liquid soot when I bled them properly six months after they messed it up.

* New front wiper motors at six years old after they failed and the dealer could not work out if it was the master or slave that was faulty.

And apart from new tyres and pads as required that is all. For the past five years I've used a local independant for a service every two years (about 10K miles) and a can of injector cleaner each year.

A look underneath shows the old girl is showing her age and needs to be replaced sometime. At 6"7" my options are limited. Several other manufacturers offer enough driver leg room and headroom, albeit with a windscreen which filters out all those nasty red traffic lights and only show you the nice amber and green ones. But none offer the rear passenger space for grownups in an economical to run package, or the forward vision of that huge windscreen.

So it looks like I'll be buying a new Picasso. But why does it feel like I'm dumping a mistress for her younger sister?
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 Dave_Retired. (09 Jun 2015 : 02:27)
Tue Jun 09 2015, 02:30am

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Location: Northumberland
It's always a shame to let a good car go, but there comes a time whem potential repair costs make it economic sense (unless like me you buy 2 old Citroens........)
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 Jimux (09 Jun 2015 : 02:35)
Tue Jun 09 2015, 03:44am

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Location: Cambridgeshire
Nice write-up and it does suggest that looking after your car will keep the issues to a minimum - I would certainly have been having the oil changed annually, mind!

I think you will like the new C4 Picasso, I'm 6'4" and don't need the front seat to be at its most rearmost to drive comfortably, the driving position is more car-like than the original C4 Picasso but that's not a bad thing. If you want an auto it will need to be VTR+ as they don't do the entry level VTR with the new EAT6 gearbox.
Fri Jun 19 2015, 05:04am

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Joined: Mar 08 2009
Location: Kent, UK
Farewells said, and tears dried, I now have a 2015 C4 Picasso 1600 e-HDI exclusive with the EAT6 gearbox. The new model is much more than a facelift. A longer wheelbase and larger rolling diameter wheels make for a smoother ride and the steering wheel switches have a longer, more positive, travel. And yes Frank, it does have even more legroom. I can get my left leg out straight - the last time I could do that was in a Ford Transit!

There are many other small improvements but I've no time to document them now - I'm off out to play with my new toy.

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