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Key not present in vehicle

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Tue Apr 21 2015, 05:23am
Member No: #33536
Joined: Dec 18 2013
Location: Nowy Kocin Poland
This has become irritating: The key can be in the key slot or anywhere in the car, but if anyone opens any of the doors I get a very loud warning and and message "Key not present in the Vehicle"

At the last service I mentioned this and got a reply along that lines of "it just does that" and thats the end of that.

I wonder if anyone else has come across this or has a view on "it just does that" It's impossible to get out without waking anyone sleeping for example, seems more bizarre when the key is in the key slot.
Tue Apr 21 2015, 07:01am
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Joined: Jul 06 2014
Location: London
Hi, I am assuming you have an Exclusive or + with full keyless. I normally place the key in the slot by habit and had some instance of the key not being recognised but I had it buttons up I am sure, I now keep the logo up and it seems ok. I've never had an issue when the key is in a pocket or the cupholder and the wife hasn't reported anything strange.
Wed Apr 22 2015, 01:11am
Member No: #33536
Joined: Dec 18 2013
Location: Nowy Kocin Poland
Many thanks for that, I will perhaps play around bit more with that. The car here has a different name, but it equates to a UK Exclusive with full keyless. It's certainly the same sound and message if I have the keys with me and walk away from the car.
Fri Apr 24 2015, 02:08pm
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Joined: May 07 2014
Location: UK
Just for fun we tried an experiment in a car park, started the car with the key in my pocket, wife drove around while I stayed outside with the key. No problem, presumably she would have had one if she'd driven off somewhere and then switched off
Fri Apr 24 2015, 03:17pm

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Personally, I find keyless system a nightmare. I had a Renault that drove me bonkers, I never knew if the doors were locked or not.
Sat Apr 25 2015, 02:37pm
Member No: #33536
Joined: Dec 18 2013
Location: Nowy Kocin Poland
Well it makes no difference if the logo is up or down, in the key holder or note, I get the sound and a message that the key is not present when a door opens, oh well
Wed May 06 2015, 07:26am
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Joined: Apr 17 2015
Location: Bolton
Have you tried spare key? It might rule out a problem with key fob e.g. low battery power. That could possibly fool the system into thinking it's not in car?
Thu May 07 2015, 01:57am
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Joined: Dec 18 2013
Location: Nowy Kocin Poland
Thanks for the reply: Yes already tried that as well and the same result I am afraid.

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