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C4 GP 2014 faults

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Tue Apr 07 2015, 03:51pm
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Joined: Aug 13 2011
Location: Cannock Chase
Now to add to my woes with a rebooting touchscreen, we've had the drivers armrest which won't lock in to position & a 'Directional Headlight Fault'. The armrest has been there a while but the headlight fault with the optional xenons is very recent. The speedo lit up with a orange box with this fault listed & a service light came on, on the left of the instrument binnacle. The fault wasn't there later in the day. The thump on the front suspension still appears now & again over speed humps. Anyone had issues with fuel economy or a gruff sounding engine around 1,500 - 2,000 revs? Mine is a C4 GP November 2014 Exclusive Plus 2.0 Manual, with just over 3,000 miles & I'm yet to enjoy the car.
Tue Apr 07 2015, 04:39pm
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Location: Essex
Interesting that you've also got the 'Directional headlamps fault' as I have this problem on my car, which also has xenons fitted. I suspect it’s the same fault as with my car, as when I parked up before Christmas, I took a photo of it with my phone (see below).

It only ever appears randomly and despite occurring 4 or 5 times over the past couple of months I cannot replicate it more recently. I think it happens if the headlights are in either the Auto or manual on positions.
My car was booked in and went in last week to my Citroen dealer for this problem to be investigated and they had hoped the errors would be stored - they weren't. There were no errors at all stored in the car after plugging it in, so there wasn't anything they could do.

When you get the error, it doesn't stop the headlights actually working, but the directional swivelling movement is no longer active and the manual headlamp up and down on the dash has no effect on the headlights. It’s also annoying, because the headlight icon flashes and the Service light is on along with the 'Directional headlamps fault' message all the time. The only way to clear it is to manually turn the lights off (not helpful if it’s dark) or switch the ignition off, lock the car up and start it up again.

On the Planete Citroen French forums there is a suggestion that it is a short circuit in the manual headlamp levelling switch and that this part needs replacing, but with my car until they can see the fault they can't do anything.

My dealer has asked me to take the car back in with the error showing so they can plug it in, before it disappears after switching off the ignition. Unfortunately as it only ever happens when the lights are on, my dealer is closed!

Quick check on your other point, and there is a Technical Service Bulletin which may affect your car – it is headed:

“Knocking noise heard in the passenger compartment at the front - on crossing an obstacle (speed hump for example).” This TSB requires the replacement of the 2 front suspension damper bump stops apparently.

I still only have 1800 miles on the clock, so I am yet to see any correct MPG figures, although I have the auto gearbox. I haven't noticed any gruffness either.

Fri Apr 10 2015, 04:24pm
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Joined: May 16 2014
Location: Melbourne
I have had the damper bump stops replaced. The knocking sound has not been completely eliminated but has been significantly reduced and does not knock all the time now. Prior to changing at 7,000km, it sounded like a 10 year old car with a dodgy suspension when driven over speed bumps.

Fuel economy has been very good, 5.9 l/100km average, mixed driving.
Fri Apr 17 2015, 05:28am
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Joined: Apr 17 2015
Location: Leicester
We've also got the armrest problem but on the passenger side - v annoying. Temp fix is to press the hinge part inwards until it clicks slightly and then adjust - that seems to fix it. I can't be bothered to book the car in through my useless local dealer until I need something more urgent doing.
Thu Oct 29 2015, 02:50am
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Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex
As I haven't used my car very much at night or in the dark over the Summer period, I have started again to receive the odd random 'directional headlamps fault' error when starting up or when just driving along on dark mornings, with the headlights in the auto position. I thought the issue had actually disappeared after a software update was done to fix the mood lighting going off after 10 minutes. This was until the early morning darkness was upon us and back the error randomly comes.

I was asked to take the car in with error showing, so they could plug it in and capture the issue in a live situation. The problem was that it either wouldn't occur or always occurred way outside of their opening hours, so I could never do this. I had even considered putting some tape over the windscreen sensor on the outside of the car, to force the auto lights on in daylight and see if it would then error!

My first service was carried out last week and again I raised the issue of this random error, which never gets held and logged in the cars log. I took the photo of the error above from my car, along with translated pages from owners on the Planete Citroen forum, who were also seeing this problem. One post again suggested a short circuit in the manual headlamp levelling switch on the dash fascia.

I said I was getting irritated with the random error, so they took my word and ordered a new levelling switch, as it didn't cost a lot. They replaced it last week without damaging the surrounding trim and since then I haven't seen the error despite driving at night.

It is really refreshing to have a dealer that listens and works with you to eventually and hopefully sort these niggly issues out. Fingers crossed it stays working!
Thu Oct 29 2015, 03:59pm
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Joined: Oct 31 2011
Location: Shildon
I seem to have the same problem on my DS4 but it does not have the manual levelling switch
Thu Oct 29 2015, 04:57pm
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Location: Essex
I think you may have already posted eleswhere on the forum, but a quick search on the forum produces this:

- Click Here -

The previous generation C4P/GP had automatic levelling, but this isn't the case with the new version. It sounds like a ride height sensor based on what I've read previously on the C4 with the error.
Fri Oct 30 2015, 07:57am
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Joined: Jul 16 2011
Location: NE Scotland
I'm currently at 11,500 miles on my June '15 C4GP and yet to have a single fault.

As you can see by the mileage its being well used including several extended family trips with a very large dog in the back. Everything seems to be holding up well although it is still early days.
Sun Nov 01 2015, 10:41am
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
6,500 miles, and the only fault we have had was very early in the morning on the way to holiday with 180 miles to Folkestone, when the STOP and SERVICE lights came up on starting the car, followed by a message saying something like 'electrical fault, visit dealer to fix'. As you can imagine I wasn't sure what to do, but we drove to Folkestone, went into the Channel Tunnel terminal, and when we came back to the car, no faults, and have never been seen again.
Sun Nov 01 2015, 12:15pm

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
I think it's a voltage related thing, the DS4 has done this a couple of times and the old 'turn off and turn on again' routine works a treat.
Sun Jan 24 2016, 11:06am
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Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex
Back to the drawing board for me on this 'directional headlamps fault' on my C4GP, as it has reappeared last week when starting up on a dark morning. This is after 2 months of no random error when I start the car up. I had thought the replacement of the dash manual headlamp adjustment switch had fixed it.

I have it captured on the Link MyCitroen app - see screenshot below (which is useful to show the dealer), but as always, leaving the car switched off and locked for a number of hours, it clears the error and the code from being stored.

Again, I now can't get it to fault, but its so annoying how random this is. I shall again try and make it fault when the dealer is open so I can drive it to them to plug in before I switch off and see what an earth this problem is.

Luckily it doesn't render the headlights inoperative, but locks them into position, so they don't swivel or raise up and down when using the dashboard headlamp adjustment. I then have a Service light on and a flashing headlamp icon on the top screen.

I will ask my dealer to raise a technical issue with Citroen about this to see what they suggest. I know very few people have the xenons fitted, but if anyone else has discovered a solution, please do post back, as I am finding this very frustrating.

Fri Jun 03 2016, 07:29am
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Location: Essex
An update on my random 'directional headlamps fault', which has been causing me an issue on my C4GP since new in October 2014. I don't think many people have seen this problem, as it only occurs randomly on xenon equipped vehicles.

I took my car in at the start of April 2016, after I became aware that there was now a formal Citroen TSB titled 'Intermittent flashing of the dipped headlamps warning lamp and displaying of the message 'Directional headlamps fault' on the multifunction screen - if fault code B112B is present'. The description certainly matched what I saw on the screen when it went wrong. When it faults, although the headlights still work, it locks out the swivelling movement of the headlights both directionally left and right and also the manual up and down control, via the dashboard fascia knob.

I have to date, never been able to get the car to fault when it goes in to the dealer, and before the TSB existed, they just couldn't find anything logged when they plugged it in. They did, just to see if it made any difference, order and fit a new fascia switch for the manual up/down movement of the headlights, which didn't make any difference.

However, this time, they followed the new TSB, which includes a new specific check for the existence of a code and lo and behold the B112B code was stored in my car.

Today after a long wait for the pre-configured replacement automatic directional headlamp corrector unit from France (a newly listed Citroen part code replacing the previous version), I have had it fitted.

Apparently when they drove my car into the garage and the auto lights came on, it errored!

The passenger seat and part of the front carpet had to be removed to get to the unit, which sits helpfully, directly underneath the seat (much to my concern!), but it all seems to have gone back in once piece and again we'll see if this finally resolves the problem.
Fri May 19 2017, 09:11am
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Joined: Dec 23 2010
Location: Chandlers Ford
Hi has the fault been sorted out now? Do you know what the cost is? My original Citroen warranty has just expired last month, though I do you have the Citroen extended warranty and I now have this fault.
Fri May 19 2017, 12:19pm
Member No: #2617
Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex
Yes it was eventually fixed with the replacement headlight auto adjustment unit. Absolutely no problems since then. Disappointing to have had the issue from 2014, with it taking until June 2016 for a solution.

The part I believe was changed for a newly configured part, in response to a known Citroen TSB was:

9818159980 - Headlight Auto adjustment Unit @ £110.57 including VAT for the part plus fitting.

As it's a known Technical Service Bulletin, any car demonstrating the symptoms, should be fixed free under warranty. If you have a full Citroen service history they'll look favourably at goodwill. If you have the Citroen extended warranty, again it should be covered.

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