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DS4 Sport Rear seat removal.

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Sun Feb 08 2015, 11:10am
Member No: #12853
Joined: Mar 13 2010
Location: cumbria
Hi, can or has anyone removed the rear seat, (not back rests) in the DS4 Sport. I was cleaning the car, and thought that the rear seat would tip up, to allow the back rests to lie flat, so as to have a level boot, and not just rest on top off the seat.
Fri Feb 13 2015, 02:03pm
Member No: #21184
Joined: Aug 03 2011
Location: Lancashire.
Hi ronos...... my DS4 DSport does not allow the rear seat squab to tip forwards. The only possibility is to tip both backrests forward, which do not lie fully flat/level. It is a shame that a truly flat loadspace can not be achieved. I have never tried to fully remove the rear seat squab from the car. Perhaps other owners may have removed the rear seat ?
Sun Feb 15 2015, 03:28am
Member No: #4515
Joined: Jul 13 2008
Location: Not telling
Hi guys,

I can lift the seat base in my DSport, but it's not that easy. You need to wedge your hand down the back of the seat and pull fairly hard, as close to each clip as possible (you can't actually reach the clips).

This isn't mentioned in the handbook and I don't think I'd like to fold my seats down onto that surface - there are sharp looking bits that might mark the leather. You'd have to have the front seats a long way forward too.

It seems to be for maintenance (and recovering lost pound coins) rather than for increasing boot space. The seat backs are split, but the base is not.
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 pitchan (30 Jul 2022 : 09:03)
Mon Feb 16 2015, 02:50pm
Member No: #12853
Joined: Mar 13 2010
Location: cumbria
Thanks PP Power and Irritant for the replies, shame about that, but you're right your face would be up against the windscreen. Thanks lads.
Sat Jul 30 2022, 11:55am
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Joined: Jul 31 2021
Location: Sweden
This info helped me aswell to lift the rear cushion in my C4 II from 2011. It looks identical in my car as in the picture from the DS4 sport.

It was pretty easy, I followed the instructions from "Irritant" and I did one side at a time. I didn't need to pull very hard, and I have yet to put it back.


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