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DS4 19 inch Cairns spare wheel

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Sat Feb 07 2015, 10:05am
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Spare wheels are an option for DS4s. If you don't pay for it, you get a can of sealant and a compressor.

  • DSigns can have a (near) full size spare wheel.

  • DStyles have an electric parking brake which sits in the wheel well, so Citroen won't sell you a proper spare. You can have a space saver though.

  • DSports get the electric brake, but the front disks are too big for the space saver. No spare is available.

Sealant is fine as long as it's only a small puncture. If you do some real damage, you're on your own.

I can't see how the compressor is going to work if I destroy a wheel. How am I going to bolt it to the hub?

It's time to get a proper spare.

This is what you get.

The parking brake is underneath. It's basically an electric winch.

You can fit a 19 inch wheel in the well. In fact you could get something slightly bigger in there.

But the wheel is too deep.

Enter Mr Rolson. 10mm thick foam rubber matting.

The solution is simple. Raise the boot floor.

The carpet still fits. I had to tilt the back seats to tuck it underneath though.

The finishing touch - a reversible boot mat. I wore holes in the boot carpet on my old C4.

I had to buy this lot as well.

Now I need to find somewhere to store all this stuff. The black plastic bit can go in the garage though.

This should work for new C4s as well.

If you want to do this yourself, you'll need the following:

All prices are ex VAT.

19" Cairns wheel:
5401V1 - £304.85

672594 - £25.56

Mounting stud:
671769 - £6.71

Wheel brace:
671739 - £5.92

Disassembly tool (the yellow plastic thing. I don't really know if I needed this):
676305 - £2.72

Boot mat (optional):
9464HG - £32.90

Rolson matting:
£10.00 from Halfords. That includes the VAT.

That comes to £354.09 (£424.91 including VAT).
If you want the boot mat, the total is £386.99 (£464.39 including VAT).

Don't forget to buy a tyre as well!
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Sat Feb 07 2015, 01:47pm

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Fantastically useful, if expensive!

We have the space saver wheel for our DS4, the insert is retained and the space saver sits nicely on top with space to spare under the boot floor;

There is a different insert for cars with a full size spare but I'm not sure if the 19" wheel will sit in this - I suspect not looking at your boot!

As for what to do with the loose parts it should all fit below the wheel around the handbrake mechanism if wrapped in bubble wrap, only the jack might prove to be too big - there is a retaining net in the boot that might hold this back.
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