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C4 uprated engine mounts

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Fri Feb 06 2015, 09:33am
Member No: #39147
Joined: Feb 05 2015
Location: West midlands
Hi does someone out there sell uprated engine mounts looked all over the net but not having much joy

The engine mounts are on way out because geting to much engine movement

Fri Feb 06 2015, 12:49pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Don't think there are any 'uprated' mounts available, just standard ones - Click Here -
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 mikebrickles (06 Feb 2015 : 15:15)
Sat Feb 07 2015, 09:05pm
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Joined: Jul 07 2009
Location: Singapore
What sort of mounts are you referring to?

Poly bushes?

Yellow ones are harder than stock:

- Click Here -

Black ones are rock hard:

- Click Here -

These fit the rear engine lower mount.

If you are looking for the left and right ones, only standard items available.
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 mikebrickles (16 Feb 2015 : 09:51)
Sun Feb 08 2015, 05:38am
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Joined: Jan 26 2014
Location: Cheshire
Harder engine mounts will transmit more vibration into the car and could (bizarrely) lead to electrical problems as well as making more cabin noise. How many miles has your car done? How many more are you expecting to do in it? For instance mine has just clocked 90k and if the mounts went I'd replace them with standard ones because I wouldn't expect to do another 90k in it.
Mon Feb 16 2015, 09:52am
Member No: #39147
Joined: Feb 05 2015
Location: West midlands
I ordered stardard top mount and powerflex bottom mount

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