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Not impressed with my new car - Display screen blank

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Fri Dec 30 2016, 03:25pm
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Location: Bolton
Mmm...my car was built on 20/07/15, looks like I may be having a new screen when the car is next serviced next summer. If the dealer is aware of it.
Tue Jan 03 2017, 11:18am
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Location: Scotland
Sorry I haven't posted for a while, my Exclusive + has been working OK apart from the tailgate not opening every time and a folding wing mirror issue. My car was recalled by Citroën for replacement wishbone bolts, so I decided to have my second service done at the same time. I dropped the car off at 8.30 and was told it would be ready in 2-3 hours. I phoned the garage at 12.30 and was told the car was not ready as they were changing the top screen on orders from Citroën. When I went to pick up the car I asked why the top screen was changed and no one at the garage knew, they said they were only doing it for the Exclusive and Exclusive + models not for any other models in the range. I don't know if this is Citroën covering themselves without actually admitting their was a fault originally. We normally change our cars on a three year cycle and we will start looking at options over the summer, I doubt very much if Citroën will be on our list.
Mon Jan 16 2017, 05:16am
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Got another GC4 with a blank top-screen when you get in. Mine's an Exclusive built Nov 2014. Second hand but luckily still under warranty, so it's back to the dealer today prepared with info from this thread. Thanks to you all for discussing this in public!
Sun Oct 01 2017, 05:43am
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Location: UK
Any recent "activity" on the top screen issue? Was it always only on the colour screens?

I ask because I am considering switching from a C5 2.2 exc Estate to a C4P. The Multi-function display screen on my C5 has intermittent problems (lines and not being able to make up its mind whether to be on or off - settled on "off" recently). The C5 only has Sat Nav, Entertainment, and verbose error messages on the Screen, so fortunately can be driven with the conventional instruments.

I asked a dealer about the reliability of C4P screens because obviously without a speedo read out the car becomes non Road-Legal. He assured me that he knew of no problems. Does this mean he does not talk to the service manager, or that the turnover in salesmen is so fast that he is "post problems"?

Reading the various threads on this issue, I wonder whether something I have noticed on my C5 is a red herring or not.

If I leave my C5 on my trickle-charger for a couple of weeks, the screen seems perfect for the next long run - but don't switch off, because when you switch back on it's back to its old tricks. So is there a voltage sensitivity involved in keeping these sort of electrics working? I am guessing that my trickle charger given time gets the battery nicely charged up to a slightly higher voltage than my alternator does and that makes all the difference.

The other comment that I would make is when these sort of problems arise, use the breakdown service initially.

When a company (AA or RAC) has the breakdown support contract, they get to see (and log) every roadside fault. Dealers only see faults on cars that they have supplied and if the manufacturer is either in denial or not keeping dealers well informed, the dealer technicians are stabbing in the dark running up warranty hours that the service manager will be worried about recovering.

Even if a company does not have the breakdown contract, it will maintain similar data and expertise in order to give the best service - new cars supplied on finance may not have the breakdown contract with the same breakdown company as the manufacturer. In practice it is in the manufacturers' interests to have contact with the technical support functions of all breakdown service providers.

The roadside breakdown firms therefore get first sight of problems and if there is an "epidemic" on a new model they know first and they (particularly the contracted breakdown supplier) let the manufacturer know - if only to get separate payment for attending to all these "extra problems". (The expectation is that breakdown cover for new cars can be done very cheaply because breakdowns - or worse, recoveries - are not expected, so manufacturers effectively pay RAC/AA considerably less than you or I would on a car by car basis.)

Even if the patrol who attends has not seen the problem before, he/she has access to their organisation's database of symptom/fault/fix and can always call "patrol support" or "technical support" (prompt them if necessary). They will be under strict instructions to avoid "loose talk", so will not say something like "Oh, we are seeing lots of these problems" - it kind of annoys the manufacturers if their customers are being told that they are selling cars with known faults! But they (combined with their back-up) are quite likely to have a better clue of what the problem is than your average franchised dealer, and should be able to give you a very specific diagnosis of the problem (and the manufacturer approved fix).
Sat Nov 24 2018, 11:16am
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Location: North Lincs
I just bought a three year old C4 Exclusive +. Not exactly the same issue but after a day or two I noticed a fault line across the screen. I took it to a Citroen dealer, assuming my RAC Warranty I got with it might not cover hourly rate etc but..

Citroen are providing a new screen for nothing despite being out of manufacture warranty.

I assume the top screen is an issue for them.
Sun Nov 25 2018, 02:02am
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Location: Dorset
Yes, it is a known fault from very soon after introduction. I have had it done, some people more than once. It should only take an hour!
Thu Apr 04 2019, 03:46pm
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Hi all. Just wondered what the situation is currently with people getting the top screen replaced?

How many of you have had them replaced and what is the cost of replacement...or will Citroen cover the cost?

Many thanks,
Tue Jul 16 2019, 07:49am
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Location: Caldicot
hi guys, i have just purchased a 2014 GP, and the top HD screen has some black blobs across it, but seems to work fine. have any of you come across a place where i can pick up a used screen and have it fitted by an auto electrician friend?
Tue Jul 16 2019, 08:39am
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Location: Dorset
You may want to take this to Citroen. The early screens had problems like this and many have been replaced under warranty. It is possible that you may get it replaced for free.

The other issue is that the mileage appears on the top screen. The mileage info is stored in the screen and also in the BSI. If you change the screen on your car, and the new screen is from a car with higher mileage than yours, the other car's mileage will be displayed. If it is lower, your car's higher mileage will be displayed.
Tue Sep 10 2019, 08:45am
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Location: Caldicot
Thank you. I bought the car from a very large Dealership Group from Scotland, that have dealerships all over UK. It turned out to be a complete Dog of a car, and so I rejected it. I bought a much nicer one from a used car sales company based in Southampton, and I'm very please with it, other than the fact I cannot change the style of the dials. my 'colour scheme' button in settings will not light up, so that I can change, and the button on the end of the indicator arm doesn't seem to do anything. But thanks for your reply.
Wed Sep 18 2019, 10:56am
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Location: London
I have been pushing Citroen Customer care for a month and a half on this issue after seeing the posts in this forum it is obviously a known fault but I had an offer from the dealership that they would do it for half price as a good will gesture ! I'm frustrated that most of you are saying you got it done ok why is the approach not consistent ?
My dots are starting to creep towards the speed display and then the car would be un-usable !
Anyone know where else I can go ? Is it Motor Ombudsman ??
Wed Sep 18 2019, 11:02am
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Location: Dorset
Can't speak for others, but mine was done when the car was pretty new and was done under warranty.
Fri Feb 07 2020, 12:56pm
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Since my warranty on my 2014 C4P is out and I just got the horizontal line I am wondering if anyone has a tutorial how to remove the screen from the car. I will take it to a guy who is good with electronics to try to fix it.
Thank you!
Fri Feb 07 2020, 01:51pm
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Location: Dorset
Motorbreath wrote ...

Since my warranty on my 2014 C4P is out and I just got the horizontal line I am wondering if anyone has a tutorial how to remove the screen from the car. I will take it to a guy who is good with electronics to try to fix it.
Thank you!

I haven't taken mine out, but I have had this issue. The usual fix is a new screen which will cost a lot. There are issues with changing the screen. If you use a screen from a higher mileage car, the screen will update the BSI to the higher mileage, and is (probably) impossible to reverse. If the screen has a lower mileage than the BSI, the screen will update to you car's mileage. So if you buy one with a higher mileage than you are told, you will only find out when you fit it and then it's too late. Of course, this is assuming that the replacement screen doesn't have a similar fault to yours. Sorry to be negative, but it is a bit of a minefield.
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 Motorbreath (08 Feb 2020 : 12:58)
Sat Feb 08 2020, 01:00pm
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Location: Slavonski Brod, Croatia
It's perhaps better not to touch anything unless some bigger problems occur. I can live with a horizontal line near the bottom Thank you for the advices regarding changing to a screen from a car with a higher mileage.
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