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Brake upgrade

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Mon Jan 26 2015, 02:02pm
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Joined: Dec 27 2014
Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Hi peeps,

The brakes on my VTS are pants. I'm looking to fit upgraded discs and pads.

I've seen a pair of Tarox G88 grooved discs that seem decent, with an added bonus of looking smart behind my Resolfens!

As for pads, I ran Mintex M1144's on my EP3 Civic with standard discs and had confidence of decent stopping ability during a session of spirited driving.

Does anyone run upgraded discs and pads on their VTS? If so, I'd like to hear any recommendations.

Mon Jan 26 2015, 04:30pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
I would start with pads, lines and fluid unless discs need done.

Even the standard stuff should be more than capable of a spirited road thrash though. I mean mine coped with Combe and Rockingham.

If you want a proper upgrade though, Tarox discs, with some CL RC5+, some decent fluid and lines. Should be more than up to the task. Tarox can knock lines up for you if you phone them directly at Haslingden. They made some up for me anyway.

Used to go in an get stuff off them myself, as I ran a 10 pot Tarox kit on the front of my VTS. They tend to be a bit better with prices too. Will usually get it close to what they sell it to retailers for.
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 Retailgenius (27 Jan 2015 : 13:29)
Tue Jan 27 2015, 01:30pm
Member No: #38588
Joined: Dec 27 2014
Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Cheers Wozza. The discs have been on the car for a good few years, and as such I'm going for an all round refresh.

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