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New Roofbars

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Tue Jan 20 2015, 11:01am
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Joined: Jan 26 2014
Location: Cheshire
I decided to buy some roofbars so that I can carry long/big stuff on the car.

Now normally that would be a simple thing. Take the Thule roofbars I already own, source some feet and a fitting kit, attach to car, tie/connect stuff to roofbars, and away we go.

Problem 1. How much???

Ok. So after having a sit down and a cuppa I did a bit of internet looking around type stuff and came across a set of bars complete with everything you need for £53 delivered. PM me for the link if you want it but they're fairly easy to find on that large internet shopping site. 75kg swl and made by a reputable manufacturer to boot. Ordered. Allowing me to leave the feet for the Punto (wifes car, used to belong to me, had it nearly 7 years, won't have a word said against them thanks) on the Thule bars giving flexibility over which car takes the dirty stuff.

Anyhoo. Bars arrive in very short order and, after spending 20 seconds reading the destructions, the first attempt is made to fit to the roof.

Problem 2. The bolts won't go in the holes. I seem to recall reading something about this on here so should have been prepared. Anyway 3 hours later, after a trip to Aldi to buy a (last one in the store) tap and die set, and to carefully re-tap the four mounting holes, the bars are fitted.

And now to find a roofbox apparently???
Tue Jan 20 2015, 12:59pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
'Patience is a virtue Grasshopper'

Good to see that you didn't strip the holes or shear a bolt off as some have done.
Tue Jan 20 2015, 01:25pm
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Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
I see you have a pan roof, that has put me off getting roof bars even though I know it should be fine. Sounds like a bargain at that price.
Tue Jan 20 2015, 03:16pm
Member No: #34021
Joined: Jan 26 2014
Location: Cheshire
The pan roof may come in handy for 'checking' the load from time to time.
Shouldn't make a difference to the load bearing so long as you don't exceed the stated capacity though as the pillars take the strain. Only issue could be flex but I'm not planning on carrying that much. A roofbox with some camping gear, or a set of ladders. Just have to be careful when taking the ladders off I suppose.

I have experience of shearing bolts due to owning Italian motorcycles so am VERY careful.

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