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[moved] 12v Feed for Towbar

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Wed Dec 24 2014, 02:18pm
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Location: Kerry, Wales
I have fitted a witter Towbar to my c4p last week. I am using a 7way bypass relay for the lights and a split charge relay to power the fridge and charge the battery. I have come up against 2 problems

1. lack of 12v in the rear panels to use the relays. I can only fing the power for the plug in the boot however this has a 10a fuse. This is not enough for the fridge. Does anyone know if there is another feed anywhere ?

2. The charge rate is only 12.5 volts with the engine running. This is not enough to switch the relay. Is this the normal voltage as usually a car charges at around 14.5 volts.

Thu Dec 25 2014, 02:22am

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Try this: - Click Here -
Thu Dec 25 2014, 03:19am
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When I did my hatchback I used the thick wire that was present in the boot and the other end is by the fuse box folded over and taped up for power. I had to crimp a suitable connector on. I used the circuit for the (unused) heated seats which involved adding a maxi fuse to the fuse box to get the circuit live. Sorry I am a bit vague its 5 years since I did it. At least it involved no fiddly wiring from one end to the other.

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