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Compatible Peugeot Calipers?

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Wed Dec 10 2014, 01:28am
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Hello All,

Not had to post any queries for the 2nd C4 as all is going well!

I do have a certain question/s for everyone who know the ins and outs on calipers.

When looking for used front calipers for a C4 Coupe 1.6 Petrol - Not that I have any issues with mine.

I would like to do a side project before attacking my own as the car is used daily. I know I could spray them whilst on the car but rather do a proper job so know that it will take longer than a day to do.

Do you go by the Bosch 54 or the 0204 Y01132 D digit stamped on them for compatibleness? As I have seen other calipers for Peugeots with the same 0204 number but have had F instead?

Plus are the calipers from the Peugeot 207/307 the same as ours? As I've seen calipers for them cheaper second hand from breakers than specific sold C4 Coupe ones.

I know my disc size is 266mm and from having a quick look I've seen that 02 - 1.6/03 - 1.4 plate 307's have 266mm sized discs too but the only way I've found that link was by using EuroCarParts and just done a bit of cross referencing and also 207 - 1.4 think on a 56 plate had 266mm sized discs too.

This isn't the case of uprating or upgrading my braking system to bigger and better [ I'm not racing it on a track] like most of the posts I've already seen I just merely want to buy a set of front calipers [as cheap as I can] strip them down [whilst at work the joys of night work] tart them up [In Red obviously] before doing that to my own ones on the car and if they come out decent enough sell them to someone who couldn't be bothered to do it them self [- maybe].

May add photo's later and in future do a to do thread...

Would welcome any advice on this subject!


Wed Dec 10 2014, 03:12am

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Peugeot and Citroen use the same running gear, engines etc. across the car range and if your car has 266mm discs then yes those calipers should fit.

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