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Tutorial: 1.6HDi - How to remove and replace auxiliary drivebelt Peugeot Citroen

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Wed Oct 22 2014, 05:33am
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I am glad to present you another tutorial: How to remove and replace auxiliary drivebelt Peugeot Citroen 1.6HDi

Have a nice day
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Wed Oct 22 2014, 03:01pm
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clean engine!
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Thu Jan 05 2017, 07:11pm
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Adrian, vă mulţumesc pentru sfaturi, Stefan din Australia
Mon Apr 17 2017, 10:36am
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excellent and very helpful video.

Can I add the following useful things that I found.

Firstly when the belt is gone altogether, there is not enough room underneath the engine mount to get a 15mm spanner onto the tensioner.

I used a tyre lever from the top of the alternator pulley to the bottom of the tensioner wheel to lever it forwards to get the 4mm drill bit into the hole.

Secondly someone has been at my tensioner before probably with stilsons or something which meant that I could not get a 15mm spanner onto it to get the drill bit out. 15mm socket over the top of the whole post and short wrench provided a suitable substitute

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Sun Sep 12 2021, 10:12am
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My 2012 1.6HDi Grand Picasso with stop/start would stop but then stall the engine attmpting to restart, with associated belt slip squeal. My car had two tensioners - the one shown in the pics above and another lower down and towards the radiator. Remove the first according to the Youtube video and you should (assuming belt slip/stretch is the reason you're replacing it) be able to remove the belt without retracting the tension on the second tensioner. I replaced the second tensioner as a matter of course. Bit of a pain as the bolts are quite low down - plenty of arm chafing on the air conditioning pipe brackets! Fortunately the replacement tensioners are supplied pre-tensioned with metal pins, so installation is simple. Once the belt was in position, I removed the pin from the upper tensioner and then the pin from the lower one (it's positioned at the front so access is easy). Stop/start now working fine again. Yeehah!

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