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Locking wheel bolt key(s)

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Sat Oct 18 2014, 04:23am
Member No: #11390
Joined: Nov 08 2009
Location: United Kingdom
My daughter recently collected a new (ex demo) C4VTR+. I knew it would come without a spare wheel, which I've now put right by putting a steel rimmed wheel in the boot. But I've just noticed that there's only one wheel bolt key in a torn open plastic envelope. A phone call to the salesman told my daughter that "they only come with one key now." Both my previous C5s came with two. It's good to have one in the boot and the other handy close to the driver. Can anyone confirm that they do now only come with one key - or is the salesman taking the easy route by telling a porkie.
Sat Oct 18 2014, 04:32am
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
We only have one key for our C4GP and C3, and they have been supplied and kept in the torn plastic bag. I don't think it's a porkie.
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 Johndug (18 Oct 2014 : 05:56)
Sat Oct 18 2014, 04:44am
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Joined: Feb 08 2011
Location: West Sussex
My new C4 only came with one key. Sales also confirmed this was now the case.
If you look up new genuine Citroen ones on eBay, you'll see them with only one key. Here's an example:
- Click Here -
I guess you have two options, either order a replacement key from Citroen, or an older second-hand set with two keys from eBay. The only thing with buying second-hand is that you don't know if they have been stretched by over-torqueing.
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 Johndug (18 Oct 2014 : 05:56)
Sat Oct 18 2014, 05:58am
Member No: #11390
Joined: Nov 08 2009
Location: United Kingdom
Thanks for that gents. Penny pinching on a grand scale - what?
Sat Oct 18 2014, 06:13am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
My 2005 C4 had two key sockets; my 2010 model has one.

No doubt it's about cost cutting.
Sat Oct 18 2014, 09:45am

Member No: #1
Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Exactly John, even the C6 only came with 1 key and a spare costs more than a set of bolts and key from Citroen....

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