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Front Brake Pads for 2012 C4 1.6HDi Teves Brake Type

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Fri Sep 26 2014, 08:42am
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Hi all, if looking to source brake pads for a Citroen C4 (B7 and variants), the Hella-Pagid website has a very comprehensive catalogue, bang up to data and even lists the C4 Cactus variants!

Anyway, for a C4 2012 1.6 HDi Diesel (115HP), it turns out that the Pagid Pad reference is T1701 which is for the Teves brake system and has been used on loads of Citroens over the years such as Belingo variants, Picasso Variants, DS4/DS5 variants etc. Lots of suppliers out there, no need to pay silly money for quality pads


Note, many of the retailers pad listings are out of data and don't state they are suitable for the c4 B7 so best to use the manufactuer's catalogues directly.

Single caliper Teves brakes can be recognised by the spring clips on the back of the pad: these fix the pad to the caliper piston
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Fri Sep 26 2014, 10:36am

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Thanks for that - as you say, great catalogue.
Sat Oct 11 2014, 04:02pm
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The photos attached below are mine.

I lifted up the car using a Selson air jack - Click Here - connected up the air compressor in my garage. Push green to raise, red to lower. Jack under the middle of the car leaving the cill jacking points clear for axle stands (large blocks of wood)

The calipers have to be dismantled by removing the outer spring clip, and removing the dust caps on the sliding pins (inside of caliper). Then loosen using a 7mm hex bit with a short extension and ratchet wrench.

I chose NOT to remove these pins because it is absolutely critical to keep them and their bores absolutely clean - read more on TRW website.

I found the assembly was still tight so needed to lever the piston slightly inwards using a suitably sized cold chisel (no hammers obviously).

Then refit new pads after proper cleaning and removal of any corrosion on any critical surfaces. Lube contact points on back of pads using Pagid Ceratec or similar proper brake lubricant. Pistons need to be pushed back into their bores (take normal precautions, do not push old fluid into brake system , make sure the bleed nipples are opened when pushing back the pistons)

Reassemble, road test etc


Fri Mar 24 2017, 05:51am
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Location: aberdeen
Coming up 3 years since this post. The front pads need to be replaced again and the disks are quite worn too, so will also be replaced. This is for a
2012 1.6HDI / DV6C engine with Teves 283mm disks braking system.

So far, I have assembled the following parts:-

1/ Disks Citroen # RP424984 I'm using TRW DF7183 High Carbon disks

2/ Pads Citroen # 4254C0 I'm using ATE/Teves 13.0460-7229.2

3/ Caliper Screws M12 Citroen # 4405 58 I'm using DYTSA Grade 10.9 setscrews with integral flanges (supplied by Spalding Fasteners).

A few notes on the above:-

The TRW High Carbon disks complete with black anti-corrosion coating (inside cooling fins) are claimed to give less NVH and smoother braking with less micro-cracking. I've used similar High Carbon disks on the front of the C6 and they are excellent in that application so I will see how they work and wear on the C4.

The M12 Caliper screws are tightened to 90Nm and then an additional 45 degrees. There is a warning that the M12 caliper screws must always be replaced (replacements come pre-coated with thread locking compound) and I'm guessing that the tightening method induces bolt stretch (beyond yield) which is possibly why there is a warning that the bolts can effectively only be used once - a bit like some head bolts. If this is the case, are the aftermarket service garages following this requirement?

For the Pads, I've gone with ATE/Teves are as the original brake system supplier, now I've found that Federal Mogul are actually the OEM for the pads using friction compound F4275. ATE/Teves also make a ceramic pad set for these brakes, R90 certified for road use, part number 13.0470-7229.2. Does anyone have any experience with the use of these pads?
According to the ATE website - Click Here - the ceramic pads are supposed to offer the advantages of LESS WEAR AND LESS BRAKE DUST

OK, I'll post some more on the above when they are all fitted.
Tue Mar 28 2017, 02:18am
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Location: aberdeen
Hi all replaced, no great problems.

I managed to clean up the caliper slider pins with very fine wire wool and relubricate. Next time, they will need replacement. I see that BrakesInternational have an ebay shop that sells kits consisting of replacement caliper pins and the hard rubber bushes that the pins slide in. Something similar to - Click Here -


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