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2014 GP C4 Roof bars

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Sat Sep 20 2014, 02:39am
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Joined: Sep 20 2014
Location: crewe
Hi looking for suitable roof bars for new 2014 GP C4. It has the fixed integrated roof rails. Seen the thule ones but does anyone know of any others makes and where I might get them. Thanks
Sat Sep 20 2014, 06:16am
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Location: Hove
I have these - Click Here - not sure about the fitting on the 2014 C4GP but they've served me well.
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 jimbobb (20 Sep 2014 : 07:30)
Sat Sep 27 2014, 03:16pm
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Try ebay...I got a pair of used genuine Citroen locking roof bars for about £70, but I've seen them go for under £50! They are about £170 brand new from Citroen so I saved myself a £100! Had a look, there is a pair on there right now:
- Click Here -
Sun Oct 05 2014, 08:43am
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Most of these posts are for the old C4 Picasso and not the new one which as you say has integral connectors. I can only find the ones Thule make too. I checked with atera who made bars and connectors that I bought for our Grand C4 Picasso but nothing yet. I think your only option is the Thule ones for now - hopefully more will come in time.
Fri Oct 31 2014, 04:37am
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I purchased the Thule ones over the summer fitted all OK. But wished I had gone for the aero bars again as they did whistle... but I use them once or twice a year so the cost was excessive. You have no option to move the bar as they have to fit in the slots in the fixed roof bars. Alternative is Citroen themselves but didn't look at that option.
Mon Jan 11 2016, 03:57pm
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Location: Doncaster
Hi there

Can anyone advise which bars are available for my late 2014 C4GP with fixed roof rails please?

I have searched the Internet and have found Thule and Whisperbar but not convinced that these fix the rails and are only for the GP with no roof rails. They are expensive and want to be sure before I splash out ready for the summer get away!!!

Wed Feb 17 2016, 10:38am
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Joined: Feb 12 2016
Location: West Sussex
I really can recommend the Citroen bars. Best bars I've had on any vehicle by miles. So easy to mount/de mount and completely tool free. Takes minutes.

I really wouldn't look at aftermarket bars as the Citroen ones are so much better.

Wed Feb 17 2016, 10:59am

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nkawecki wrote ...

Can anyone advise which bars are available for my late 2014 C4GP with fixed roof rails please?

See this thread: - Click Here -
More from from Citroen Accessories: - Click Here -

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