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C4 Grand Picasso Plus - Top Screen Issues

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Tue Sep 02 2014, 07:12am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
Well picked up the wife's new C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive Plus yesterday afternoon and the drive home from Leeds to London was superb!

The good lady was so grateful and could hardly sleep last night for the excitement of taking her new car to work this morning!

Sadly when she got into the car the top screen was blank (no dials, etc.) and she had to go to work in my DS5.

New car I thought that this could only be something simple so I rang Citroen Assist (AA now as RAC lost the contract apparently) and within 30 minutes the man from the AA arrived at my door.

After a lot of head scratching and repeating the magic words "this is a new model" the AA man decided to reboot the battery (was a little worried at this as I had visions of the battery disappearing on the end of his foot into next doors driveway).

I was quite relieved when he merely detached the negative cable, waited two minutes and then reconnected same cable.

Now I am in computing and whilst the magic "reboot" can have a great effect on a lot of server systems I was unaware of it's use in car mechanics. But much to my amazement following the "reboot" the top screen came back to life.

Only problem now was that the engine autodiagnosis system light (engine management?) was now permanently on!

The man from the AA connected his diagnosis machine to the car system CAN and again after a bit of head scratching and mumbles of "I only updated this last night so it should work" he announced that he could see two error codes and that there was apparently two CAN BUS and whilst one was showing the errors, the other one was not talking to anybody (was obviously upset by the reboot ).

So the AA man said that it was best to take the car to the local Citroen main dealers as they are the experts! I offered him a coffee for his trouble but he politely declined mumbling something about difficulties in finding toilets in the afternoon?

Armed with the AA report I rang my local dealers to be told that sometimes the engine management light goes out after ten or so miles? I explained that this was on top of the error messages displayed and the fact that the top screen keeps going off intermittently.

He kindly agreed to accept the car if I drove down to them and he would get a mechanic to take a look today or tomorrow.

Need a bit of guidance here, has anybody else had issues with the top screen on the new exclusive (plus or otherwise as I think it is the same on both models)?

Yesterday evening when we turned the car off and before we found the fault this morning, I noticed that this screen was showing the "Put foot on brake pedal and press start" blue back ground screen for about three minutes before turning itself off?

Is this normal behaviour? On my 2013 DS5 and our old 2010 Grand Picasso the screen goes straight off when you turn off so I am wondering if this is related to the screen not working this morning?

Will update this post when I here back from the garage but would welcome any help?

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 keith4 (05 Oct 2014 : 16:32)
Tue Sep 02 2014, 08:02am
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wrote ...

Armed with the AA report I rang my local dealers to be told that sometimes the engine management light goes out after ten or so miles?

Does it really? Sounds like BS to me. Take it elsewhere!
Tue Sep 02 2014, 08:19am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
I know, I thought exactly the same, the guy in question was a junior as one of the reception team was away on a course so I decided not to pursue it as he was only young (we were all once ).

Main thing I am worried about is the general lack of interest from Citroen themselves in resolving issues. I recently was trying to get a replacement key for my 3 year old Citroen roof bars as I had lost them. Citroen, apart from admitting that it was a genuine Citroen part, could not identify the manufacturer (not thule) or even help me with supplying a replacement key! Great Customer Service!

I did not buy this car from my usual Citroen dealers, I saved 25% by buying from dealers up north that supply my employer's company cars and my local garage, who whilst I gave a price match opportunity to, could not match the discount.

Hence I have to give them a little leeway I guess as if I push too much......?
Tue Sep 02 2014, 08:53am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
1. Yes, the "disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes" trick does reboot the system, and is usually the first thing to try when there's weird things happening but the vehicle seems otherwise OK. If things persist, the next option is to check the battery, but yours should be OK if the car is brand new.

2. As regards the Engine Management light coming on and going off, I have experienced something similar. After a dialogue with Citroen, I was advised when starting the car to turn the ignition on and wait until all the pre-flight checks were complete before starting the engine. This cured my scenario and it has not re-occurred.
Tue Sep 02 2014, 09:08am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
Thanks for that, sadly the engine management light didn't go out on ours it just stayed on after the battery disconnect/reconnect like a beacon in the mist - it was the local dealers hope and suggestion that it would go out after ten minutes!

The thing that amazes me in all this is that I have just bought a £28,000 (okay at list with add-ons) car from a leading car manufacturer and when you ring them to find out if the screen should stay on for a period or not when you turn off, they do not know the answer and say "they do not have a technical department"!!!!

Technical issues are dealt with at dealer level and Joe-public can just whistle or at least that is the impression they give.

Very sad when it is such a good car (on paper) and possibly this is just a teething issue that the makers have such a poor Customer Service.

No apology and no loan car either!
Tue Sep 02 2014, 01:08pm

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If you were to formally 'Reject the car as not fit for purpose' I think the attitude of the dealer may change
Wed Sep 03 2014, 01:57am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
Only problem with rejecting the car is that the dealer I bought the car from is north of Leeds (216 miles away) and I am in Sunbury, near Heathrow.

Got the car back from the local dealers last night. They said that the two faults were problems with cylinder two and the screen and that a reset of the diagnostic software got rid of them.

They advised that these "errors" were possibly caused by the battery disconnect/reconnect completed by the AA under Citroen Assistance. They further said that by completing this action it made it impossible for them to see what the original problem was and that the two errors were brought about by the power sudden loss/connection.

"The guy should have known better" surely the AA mechanics would have had some training by Citroen when they won the contract from the RAC?

Anyway, got the car back, turned it off last night and the top screen stayed on just like the last night for about three minutes or so and then went blank.

Guess what my wife found when she went out to the car to start it this morning? Yep the top screen is blank again with no life at all.

Back to Citroen (again) this morning for another day of fun!
Wed Sep 03 2014, 02:35am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
Local dealers are going to pick up the car this morning as it is unsafe to drive (no dials, etc.) but they do not have a loan car to offer me.

Rang Citroen (lack of) Customer Service to be told that I need to take this up with the dealer I bought the car from. When I mentioned rejection they again said they could or would not help as the contract is with the supplying garage.
I cannot get over Ciroen's lack of interest, they do not even ask for your name or car details and obviously do not log any calls!

When I remonstrated with the customer care lady she said "I know where you are coming from" do they even have a complaints department?

Are all manufacturers like this now, I can remember not so many years ago when I bought a new Mondeo, Ford was totally different with their customer care, they had a technical department you could talk to and were actually interested in their customers problems!

Ah well, sais la vie!
Wed Sep 03 2014, 05:04am
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Sounds like the same faults that I had that finally made me lose all patience with my C4GP and reject it. Stick with your complaints - it's taken me 6 months, but my car is now being replaced with a completely new one.

What you need to do first is identify exactly where your contract is with. If you bought in full from a dealer, it's with them. If you bought on finance, it's with the finance company (as they own the car until you have paid in full) and you need to get them involved. If you paid at least £100 of it on a credit card, even just the deposit, then they are also jointly liable and you can get them involved too.

Unfortunately, Citroen themselves have no legal requirement to deal directly with you (unless you bought from a main dealer, not a franchise one) which is probably why you haven't had much initial luck with them. However, all Citroen dealers should handle your warranty.

My story is also going to be covered by Auto Express, so they might be interested to hear about yet another C4GP with terminal electrical faults.

Wed Sep 03 2014, 08:12am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
Thanks Anhunedd

Whilst I was sorry to hear of your woes and can fully sympathise with someone else going through the mire.

I unfortunately paid cash for the car (debit card) so no credit card or finance company to join into the scenario.

Perhaps that well known consumer programme on the BBC would be a better bet as at least then the state of Citroens (lack of) Customer Care Department could be shared with the masses.

I have today had to hire a car to get to two appointments as the wife has had to take my car.

Will keep the bills and pass to the garage I bought the car from though I doubt very much if they will be interested as I cut most of the profit from the car purchase (26%).

The car was taken by my local garage this morning and I will no doubt receive a phone call latterly to advise that they will need to keep it for further investigation.

Wed Sep 03 2014, 08:34am
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Joined: Mar 11 2014
Location: North Wales
OK - Looks like it's the dealer you bought it from you need to go to then, although you should still be supported by the Citroen dealer network under the warranty, assuming it was a brand new car.

You may want to let Citroen try and repair it under that warranty first, as I guess it is possible they will find the problem quickly and sort it out. That wasn't my experience, but I assume at least some problems can be solved by the dealers. Let the original dealer know about the issues though, as then your case for outright rejection after any failed repair is reinforced.

After this, the main problem is (and one I am all too aware of) that to properly exercise your rights and fight for a replacement you are going to suffer some not inconsiderable inconvenience. But legally any costs you incur in doing so will be the dealer's responsibility - however you will probably have to go to the brink of legal action to recover them.

I'm surprised Citroen haven't at least logged the complaint though - when I complained to them, they did so and I got a customer service manager assigned to my issue.
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 ivesbrian (04 Sep 2014 : 03:01)
Thu Sep 04 2014, 03:08am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
Ah well day four of new car and so far Citroen have had it three days and we have had it for the drive home on day one.

My local dealers (who I do not have any issue with) have now cascaded the problem up to a Citroen Technical Expert and want to keep the car until they get an answer and a possible fix?

Cannot drive the car anyway so it is better in their garage than on my drive.

Still no offer of a loan car but their driver who collected and drove away the "undriveable" car on day three has left a 14 year old Picasso on my drive which looks as if it is held together with gaffa tape more than metal.
Do you think they are trying to tell me something
Fri Sep 05 2014, 09:18am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
Day Five and the local dealer in association with the Citroen Technician think that the Instrument Panel P/N C9808860586 should be replaced in an attempt to solve the fault. They have no idea when they can get this part and have told me to think long term (i.e. two weeks plus).

Not sure what this part is, the top screen? The complete dash electrical assembly? Cannot find any detail of the electrical system on the web! one thought on this is that it would appear that the whole dash will in any event have to be taken to bits to accomplish this and as this is such a new model would the mechanics or electrical specialist of my local dealers have the knowledge of how to complete this work without causing any damage (clips, plastics, etc).

Still no offer of a loan car although the supplying garage has managed to get us "under Citroen's radar" and they are requesting the local garage to send in a "vehicle support request form" whatever that is.

The local garage have advised that their warranty clerk is away until Monday so they will action this upon her return.

I was advised to try sending a PM on face-book to Citroen, which I did and actually got an answer requesting contact details.

Not what I expected though "Your details have been passed to our customer care team and someone will aim to be in touch with you within two working days"

Obviously the public side of their face-book time-line shows a caring organisation whereas the PM they send just effectively does nothing.

Customer Service with a smile, that's the way!
Fri Sep 05 2014, 10:40am

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Location: Cambridgeshire
I'd be going postal at the supplying dealer by now to get you into another car - whatever profit they have made out of it is not your issue, they should be hiring you a car if necessary.
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 ivesbrian (05 Sep 2014 : 11:33)
Fri Sep 05 2014, 11:45am
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Joined: May 12 2011
Location: Sandhurst, Berkshire
I agree, but the supplying dealer has advised that the matter is now fully in the hands of my local dealer as the car is at their location. But they have asked that I keep them up-to-date with any developments.

Whilst a case has been raised with Citroen by the original dealer (don't know what the case reference number is or even if there is one) they maintain that it is not a Citroen concern or matter and rely on the Sale of Goods Act - The contract is between me and the original dealer being the point of sale.

Again I am just amazed at their complete lack of concern and duty of care to both their Customer and their product!

Not much I can do until Monday when I have been told that Citroen's warranty company might agree to meeting any hire car costs?
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 spent808 (09 Oct 2014 : 06:03)
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