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Driver's door locking the whole car when it is closed

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Thu Aug 14 2014, 08:23am
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Joined: Mar 08 2013
Location: wiltshire
Has anyone had this happen.. We were away last week and since we have returned as soon as I get out the car and close the driver's door the whole car locks am worried I will get the keys locked in there...

Have we accidentally activated something or is it a fault? When we bought the car we had to have the computer replaced as the car had central locking problems and wouldn't start.. the garage paid for this as we hadn't had it long... it took them weeks to diagnose even with contact with Citroen head office... hoping this is not the case again.
Thu Aug 14 2014, 09:39am

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Location: Stafford
Driver's door lock unit is faulty. Needs replacing I'm afraid. We've seen a few now.
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 Dave_Retired. (14 Aug 2014 : 12:52)
Sat Aug 16 2014, 03:05am
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Location: Bromley, Kent, UK
When you close the drivers door do you touch the area on the door handle that locks the car? To reassure yourself I suggest that you deliberately close the drivers door with the keys still inside, making sure that the duplicate key is close to hand but not on your person. Then close the drivers door with your hand on the "lock area".

I am unable to lock my car with when the key is inside.
Mon Aug 18 2014, 04:40am
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Location: Hastings East Sussex
Identical problem discovered this weekend on our new used C4GP. Only a matter of time before I - being prone to such things - am locked out of the car too.

I'll contact the local dealers and check what is covered under my RAC warranty...
Wed Aug 20 2014, 08:00am
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Joined: Jun 09 2014
Location: Hastings East Sussex
Boy am I confused.

I understand the anti-hijack / 6mph auto-locking feature. This can be enabled or disabled by holding the padlock button on the dash. Straightforward. It is in the manual.

However if I unlock our C4GP (2011 VTR+) using the key fob then open and close the driver's door the car locks itself immediately. It does not do so if I open or close any of the other doors or the boot.

I got the impression from this thread that this was a fault - and am inclined to agree - as I'm likely to lock my keys inside (and its wearing my mirrors out)!

But I've just returned from local citroen dealer and they said it should in fact do this. It is a security feature to prevent me leaving the car unlocked.

Wed Aug 20 2014, 11:45am
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Joined: Jun 09 2014
Location: Hastings East Sussex

Spoke to the chief mechanic at the local dealers and it IS indeed a fault - in the driver's door lock mechanism and needs to be investigated.

I'll double check the advice I get from the receptionist next time.

Wed Sep 17 2014, 02:37pm
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Joined: May 12 2013
Location: Ireland
This same problem just happened to me today.
Get out of the car and close the drivers door and the doors lock themselves!

If i hit the fob to put the deadlocks on the indicators flicker alot but the deadlocks dont activate. If i unlock then lock it twice i can hear the deadlocks come on.

If the keys are in the ignition but the engine off then opening and closing the door doesn't make the car lock. If i took the keys out of the ignition and placed them on the seat got out and closed the door then I'm screwed and locked out.

Did anyone get to the bottom of this please?...

Im reposting this again in this thread because i really need to know what it entails to repair this fault. Phil do you have a part number by any chance?
Thu Sep 18 2014, 02:08pm
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Joined: May 12 2013
Location: Ireland
I have an interesting update.
I unlocked/locked/unlocked the car using the key in the door.
Pulled the door open and closed it BUT this time the doors didn't lock by themselves!
Tried a few times and all seemed good.
Twisting the key in the barrel must have reset something.... But for how long i dont know....
If the problem returns ill let you all know.

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