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C4 Grand Picasso Pneumatic Suspension Airbags and an update from Citroen UK

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Mon Aug 31 2015, 02:05pm
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Joined: Aug 31 2015
Location: Northampton
Hi I have just joined following our Grand Picasso exclusive (2012 reg) suspension failure. The air bags need replacing and I am concerned that the compressor will have been put under pressure but the dealership claim it is only the airbags that need replacing.

I have been told that I have to fork out the £99+ vat for the diagnostic and now Citroën have rejected the 80% offer as they say it only covers vehicles up to 2010 registration. However the 2012

suspension is still pneumatic and didn't change until the mark 2 2013 model. They have since offered a 50% gesture of goodwill.

The car is 3.5 years old with 38k on the clock! Having read a few posts on Facebook it seems some people have got 100% paid after giving them some bad coverage. We are limited on cars as we need the 3 isofix in the rear but Citroën aren't filling me with much confidence to buy another!

The car has been sat in their garage for a week now and we've spent a rather wet and boring bank holiday stuck at home with no car and no prospect of a car for work tomorrow. Have any post 2010 owners had any luck?
Fri Sep 11 2015, 01:55pm
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Joined: Sep 08 2015
Location: teesside
mmmm food for thought i am picking up my C4GP on monday and as i have put in a previous post, it was in the local dealers today and needs 1 of these rear suspension airbags replacing the work will be done before i pick it up but it has only done 28.000 miles it is on a 09 plate
Wed Sep 16 2015, 02:01pm
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Joined: Aug 31 2015
Location: Northampton
We had to pay £75 for the 20% contribution to the airbags and guess what happened a week or so later, the compressor failed. They have had it 5 days, no work done and want and other £230 for 20% contribution. The fact is the compressor only failed as the airbags were not fit for purpose. Citroen are a joke!
Sun Jan 03 2016, 10:42am
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Joined: Mar 07 2013
Location: Wales
Hi I am having a problem with my suspension Suspension is sitting low and sign on dash displays "Suspension Faulty" and service light is on, sometimes if I switch the ignition off and restart the car it rectifies itself, is that a leaking airbag, or something else. I am thinking of getting the spring upgrade would this be a better option.
Sun Jan 03 2016, 11:41am
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Joined: Feb 12 2011
Location: Derby
Hi, euro car care in Derby do conversion kits by post so you can get a local garage to install them
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This is where I get my car sorted and they know their stuff!
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 balloo (08 Jan 2016 : 15:51)
Sun Jan 03 2016, 12:53pm

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Location: Northumberland
KenC wrote ...

Hi, euro car care in Derby do conversion kits by post so you can get a local garage to install them
- Click Here -
This is where I get my car sorted and they know their stuff!

Premier Members get the kit at a discounted price using a special code if you look at the advert - Click Here -
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 balloo (08 Jan 2016 : 15:51)
Fri Jan 15 2016, 08:14pm
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Location: Wales
Hi if I bought a kit what would be the rough cost of fitting it, and does the local garage have to have citroen diagnostics when fitting it because the computers wont be able to find the suspension.
Tue Sep 05 2017, 10:13am
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Joined: Nov 09 2010
Location: Essex
Just had my bags replaced for the second time by Citroen, car almost nine years old and just over 104k miles. Doubt they will pay out for a third occasion if I keep the car, so a spring conversion would look like the only option for the future if I keep this on the road. Still do not understand why they do not convert to springs rather than pay for new bags, twice in this case. Spring conversion would have been cheaper. Still love the car.
Thu Mar 01 2018, 12:09pm
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Joined: Feb 23 2018
Location: Oxfordshire
I'm waiting to hear the outcome - car off to Citroen tomorrow but it's a 2007 with 106k

Dealership said they would apply to Citroen for the refund!! Fingers crossed
Sun Apr 15 2018, 12:33pm
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Joined: Apr 15 2018
Location: Bexleyheath
Hi, I have a 2012 model C4GP which has air springs and is identical mechanically to the 2007 model. Citroen fitted new air springs 3 years ago and once again the rotten things have perished. Citroen refuse to have any liability this time quoting that my model was not affected by the problemthat they were paying parts costs for (despite not being any different and having the exact same parts). In fact the "expert" at Citroen UK had the bald faced cheek to tell me that just because the part number was the same it didn't mean the component was the same. I ask you, where on earth do you find these muppets? I mean do they actually hear what they are saying out loud? Anyway, I frankly couldn't be bothered to argue the toss with these imbeciles and was going to change for normal springs. It is clear the rotten things are going to fail around every three years and I suppose it was naieve to think they would actually hononor the promise mademore than once.

However, I found someone on Amazon selling a pair of brand new air springs from Germany for £98 including delivery. Youtube revealed a nice video from Thomas Zavodny in the Czech Republic detailing how to change these in his garage. The mean part of me got the upper hand and I purchased the springs and followed his video and guide in my front garden. Result - about 45 mins worth of effort, a number of edited expletives when the rotten things failed to pump up initially and a job well done. Now, Thomas neglects to mention that the pipe does not release without you pushing the retaining ring towards the airspring whilst you pull the pipe at the same time. This is easy on the nearside but you need a handy ten year old child to help with the offside as the space is a bit tight (come on I'm not sending her up a chimney!). The bags easily come out when empty (empty with the boot switch and then squeeze as the pipe is gently withdrawn. New one in, repeat and inflate gently before lowering car and Bob, is your proverbial uncle. Now I put the car on axel stands at medium height and was able to pump up after lowering car a little each side. I assume the height sensor has a fit when jacked up but is fine when a little lower.
What i find is that the new bags (which are not leaking) appear to deflate a little from time to time but the compressor isn't working anything like as hard as before. Are the newer, improved springs like the old hydraulic globes in that they naturally sink a bit when left a few days or is the rotten compressor leaking a bit through the compressor seal? What do you think????

Any thoughts gratefully receieved as I honestly can't remember how often it pumped up when new.

Thanks and sorry about the long post

Mon Apr 16 2018, 04:20pm
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Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
I'm having air suspension problems but being hit-and-miss leads me to suspect the height sensors. I've ordered Lexia/Diagbox on Amazon to see if anything comes up when I plug my laptop in. Should I ever need to replace these springs, I will be buying these and the job will be documented on my own YouTube channel.
Wed Apr 18 2018, 09:28am
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Joined: May 01 2015
Location: North West
Hi Folks, I've been dormant for quite a while but have had a rude awakening from Citroen. I know that suspension has been done to death but I have a 61 plate C4GP Exclusive. Earlier in the winter I had battery problems and sinking rear suspension seemed to coincide with that. New battery fitted by an independent Citroen garage and they ran diagnostic test which did not reveal anything to do with suspension. It still sinks when parked so I contacted Citroen UK about it only to be told that the car does not qualify for assistance with repair costs as it is a 2011 build and the suspension problem had been fixed on post 2010 cars. I asked what the difference was between 2010 and 2011 suspension components, but they referred me to dealer network for that information. I've not had much help from these people in the past. Back to the car, it's strange in that I get a SERVICE warning and the 5 MPH warning but no suspension faulty warning unlike others within this thread and others on the same subject. Before I go any further, looking at springs or go to the dealer, I just wondered if any of you guys had any thoughts on my issue please? Very frustrated with Citroen UK!!!
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