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Interesting loan car.

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Wed Jun 25 2014, 07:40am
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Location: Dorset
I have just had the seat replaced in my C4GP under warranty. Took it in on Monday morning to find this waiting for me.

From what I can make out, it is a 1.6 eHDi 115 DStyle. 6,000 miles on the clock, and over about 230 miles in 2 days, a computer economy of 60mpg. I must have a light foot as the previous average was only 47mpg.
We found it very dark inside with a black head-lining, and my wife didn't like being in the back with the rear windows being fixed. This surprised me until I looked at the design of the doors and realised that there is nowhere for the glass to drop into.
The display was fun, with multicoloured blue numbers and a separately variable blue background. The eco function was OK with imperceptible restart, once I'd figured it out.
The one area which really confused me was the DRLs. There are DRLs in the surround of the foglights, but also 2 rather large and rather yellow bulbs in the main beam housing. I don't understand why they are both there, and I couldn't turn the yellowish ones off. Mind you, the LED ones were not very bright, and I wonder if they are only there for decoration.
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 BigJohnD (25 Jun 2014 : 09:03)
Wed Jun 25 2014, 08:50am

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The same as our car, but with the Stop Start fitted to sneak under the all-mportant 120 carbons.

The back doors/ windows don't bother us at all, we often travel with Mrs FB in the back or her mum when biffing about and opening windows don't really figure although as a 'feeling' having them not open seems odd. The real benfit we have discovered is that in car parks you can open the (quite narrow) back door very wide as the handle section tends to go into the 'tumbleholm' of the car next door (i.e. the widest bit of the DS4's back door is above the widest bit of a car parked next door) so access is actually great where on other cars with bigger doors you need to make sure the metal section below the glass doesn't touch the car next door, only when parking alongside a wall or other vertical structure do you notice the limitations. I like the black interior headlining but then we do have the large windscreen above us, FB junior seems to be happy in the back and he can see out perfectly.

I've never fathomed the 'DRL's and how you get the LED ones only to stay on, I've tried the settings in the menu and the various options on the stalk but it makes no sense to me at all - if you turn the stalk to 'off' instead of 'auto' or the side/ dipped settings the side light remains lit and then if you turn off 'DRL' in the menu the LED lights turn off but the side lights remain lit - I'd given up thinking it was possible until I was overtaken by a DS4 a month back that had just the LED's lit, I felt like chasing him to find out how! The manual doesn't give you a clue, either.

The economy on ours does vary depending on driving style (hardly a surprise of course), cruising we can get low-mid 50's but generally the tank is giving us mid 40's on account of Mrs FB's two mile commute across town and ours not having stop-start. If you are able to get 60mpg across a variety of driving then yes, I suspect you do have a very, very light foot as I'd only probably manage that cruising in the low 60mph region. I think the DS4 is a lovely car and we are really, really pleased with ours - next job is a tow-bar as we are going shed-pulling.

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