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2011 RD5 Stereo - Folder List Order

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Tue Apr 08 2014, 12:53pm
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Joined: Feb 28 2008
Location: England
A question for you guys in the know:

How do I get my folders listed in alphabetical order?

I have a USB stick with a load of MP3's on, filled like this:

[Artist] -> [Album] -> Tracks

When I tell the system to list folders, I get the folders in the root of the USB stick, but they seem to be in a random order. Can I change that to alphabetically?

It's taking ages to find the Artist I want to listen to!

I have had a search through these forums, but apart from an old post about MP3's on CD's, I can't find anything.

Tue Apr 08 2014, 02:07pm

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CD or Memory Stick the principle should be the same - Click Here -
Tue Apr 08 2014, 03:39pm
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Joined: Feb 28 2008
Location: England
Thanks Dave, but I think the playlist would be too big, it's a 16GB stick!

I don't use iTunes, but I guess that FAQ would make one giant storage folder of music?

Edit: After doing some searching, it could be because the folders are listed in the order they were written to the USB stick. I've found some software to sort the files in name order so will try that and report back.
Wed Apr 09 2014, 12:28am
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Location: England
I can confirm that after sorting the USB stick into alphabetical order with a program called DriveSort, it now lists everything correctly, based on the artist (taken from the folder name in the root), but (and it must be a limitation of the RD5) it will only display the folder name which contains the audio.

i.e. It will show the album title, but not the artist, a folder step back.

A quick rename of all folders so they show \Album - Artist\Tracks should fix that.
Wed Apr 09 2014, 04:25am

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There's full details in the owner's handbook in the "Audio" section.
(Click image to enlarge.)

RD5 only
Wed Apr 09 2014, 08:19am
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Joined: Feb 28 2008
Location: England
Thanks BigJohnD.

That confirms the folder names without the folder structure.

Alphabetical listing is now working a treat with the DriveSort and folder rename.
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 BigJohnD (09 Apr 2014 : 10:25)
Fri Apr 11 2014, 04:15pm
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Location: Monmouthshire, UK
BigJohnD wrote ...

There's full details in the owner's handbook in the "Audio" section.

First part of handbook detail is correct, but second part is not for the new C4 Picasso's as it's all touch screen menu operation.

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