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The old - my passenger side electric window won't move problem - a fix!

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Wed Mar 05 2014, 09:55am
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I have a C4 2007 5 door hatch 1.6hdi SX EGS. Recently the passenger window would only wind down from the driver's side switches but not up. using the passenger switch was needed to get it up again.

I looked at the various threads and it looked like a failed switch. I sprayed switch cleaner in the gaps by the switch, it didn't work. I removed the whole item. Its a single screw at the bottom of the pull bit then lever it out from the back pulling backwards towards the end to free the front lug, then unclip the two wiring plugs.

I took the switches off the trim (pull off the mirror selector part and its 3 small clips each side and pull free). Access was no better so I decided to take the unit apart.

It's a series of about six clips each side at the bottom of the unit and it comes apart. The bottom is a circuit board, then a rubber membrane (which stops the switch cleaner getting in) then the switches on the top. S

Spray the circuit board with switch cleaner and reassemble (I found it easier to put the rubber into the switch part, then clip on the circuit board part being careful to locate two small plastic locating pins in the membrane first. Put back in the car and it all works!

The photo shows the three parts.

DISCLAIMER - this is a real fiddle to do so don't try it unless you are used to this sort of thing!

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/attachment/16472/1394034906_16472_FT0_imag0518.jpg| Window switch interior::||]http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/attachment/16472/1394034906_16472_FT0_imag0518_.jpg[/shadowbox]
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Wed Mar 05 2014, 10:16am

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Looks very fiddly indeed, thanks for sharing
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Tue Aug 09 2016, 06:47am
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Just tried this as shown and it fixed my problem closing windows. Easier than you may think. Thanks.
Sun Nov 20 2016, 02:11pm
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I have tried this but the problem came back after some weeks.
Bought this on ebay :
- Click Here -
Took it apart and replaced the original membran with new one.
Then assembled the old control unit with the new membrane.
Have now been working perfect for 3 months.

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