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EGS - glow plug problems P1351 P1705

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Mon Feb 17 2014, 02:09pm
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Joined: Aug 31 2013
Location: Italy
Hi all!
It's now a couple of days my c4 picasso 1.6 hdi turns me down.

The engines starts, i can select the gear (either reverse or auto first) can move for a meter then gerabox fault appear on screen and the car goes back to neutral.
Only way to move is wait a couple of minute, tur engine off (some times have to do this several time) then back on again and everything is back to normal.

A couple of times the car while driving would give me faulty gearbox message, disengage automode and stay stucked to whatever gear is in, no way to change gear. Those time I could drive with that gear for a while (a mile probably) and everything would go back to normal.

I've also noticed all the dash lights, for about a minute when starting the car from cold would sort of flash a little. Never did that before. I believe this is related to something else. My battery is 2 months old...

I had the chance to run diagbox on the car and after deleting all errors these two seems like the wont go away:

P1351 Pre-heating relay circuit : Coherence ; Relay supplied and glow plugs not supplied

P1705 Gearbox input speed signal fault : Coherence
Any clues on what is goin on with my car?
Mon Feb 17 2014, 02:40pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Just click on P1351 for the answer....

P1705 - look at the 'Suspect Areas'

The connector on top of the gearbox actuator is a known problem area. Take it apart and clean it.
Tue Feb 18 2014, 05:15pm
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Joined: Aug 31 2013
Location: Italy
Thanks for your help.

This morning I've tried to get that connector out, but could't undo it, I was afraid to break it. (Any tips?)

I've took the car to a Citroen garage, paid for 3 hours of diagnosis at the end of it they told me they wanted to change the whole hydraulic unit on the gearbox (actuators pumps and everything) for a mere 1050 eur plus hours.

I told them they could buy it and use it as candles holder for their table if they wished.

They would not listen to me at all speaking of electrical problems with the lights and all the rest.

They would not listen when I've asked to check electrical connections.

The mechanic said when he tried the car he had the fourth gear stuck, so probably had to change that actuator. So I said him I had problem also with the second and third...

Took the car home, I've plugged in diagbox, new errors with abs appeared.
I've just ignore them, deleted everything, grabbed any wire i could see in the hood and shacked it firmly.

All the problems and errors after a few miles looks like gone for good (will report later on this).

All but the glow plug error. Who cares!

All that malfunctioning I believe was due to high humidity or water infiltration somewhere, as here where I live we had a very bad winter with up to 5 meter of snow accumulating and also lots of rain. The car was constantly running on wet and salt.

Sometimes all the bad things just go away the first sunny day!

A note is due on the mechanics working in the Citroen garage...

It is already the second garage I visit and It looks to me now that most of the guys working there are mor experienced with the computer than with the cars.

They are all good at running diagnosis and selecting pieces to be changed, but they seem unable to listen to the user experience (it is always the most important thing I believe) and unable to take a breath and think on what could be possibly be actually going wrong.

They are all just CLICK -CLICK! You need this, this, and this replaced, you will spend this much and your car will work! Worthless people!

Oh my... This is so sad.

Next time I change car will definitely buy a car without electronics in it. Too expensive to maintain and too few people able to work on it.
Wed Feb 19 2014, 02:25am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
tomy983 wrote ...

Next time I change car will definitely buy a car without electronics in it. Too expensive to maintain and too few people able to work on it.

Running a classic car without electronics has it's issues as well but there far easier to solve and no computers are involved

You have to remember that 90% of garages are not your friend and only want to sell you something these days.

Finding those 10% that want to fix your car and not empty your pockets is the difficult part.

As for the connector, I haven't seen one but suspect that there is some kind of retaining clip on it that requires removal 1st. However a good spray with electrical switch cleaner (letting it dry off before starting the car) may help disperse any remaining moisture.
Wed Feb 19 2014, 05:28am

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tomy983 wrote ...

Next time I change car will definitely buy a car without electronics in it. Too expensive to maintain and too few people able to work on it.

That means a car at least 25 years.

All I can say is that all the major marques suffer similarly. My sons have VWs and they too curse the electronics. The Golf's central locking/security/remote starting behaving badly. A new comfort control box was diagnosed. Cost = c. £100 plus labour and tax. Then the key needed to be re-sync'd. Another £75.
Thu May 18 2017, 09:25am
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Joined: Apr 10 2017
Location: italy
tomy983, Did you fix the problem better? how?

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