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Anyone know what the exact numbers of C4 by Loebs there were brought to the UK??

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Wed Jan 06 2016, 01:53pm
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I think Sebastian's car was 01

Wed Jan 06 2016, 04:09pm

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They have different numbering series - and when they start again they even start numbering from 1!
Wed Jan 06 2016, 04:48pm
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That red Loeb edition that is in the pic with is likely to be the first ever Loeb edition, not the 2008 loeb edition
Wed Jan 06 2016, 05:38pm

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Is Seb in a RHD C4?

Initially there were only 400.
Wed Jan 06 2016, 05:41pm
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Ric-A wrote ...

I can't find any info on the Loeb numbers and wondered if anyone had any clue?

A couple of sites have said 400 and another said 1000 so I have no idea!

Cheers, Ric

Depends on the year. I have read in a few different places that the 2008 Loeb Editions made 400. 200 black, 200 red. Don't know about the other years/models.
Wed Jan 06 2016, 07:16pm

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I think after a while they just sort of turned into a trim level.

The only real rare versions are likely to be the 180's Loeb's, and the THP's.

Believe there were only around 5 or 6 VTS180 Loebs brought into the UK for instance.
Thu Jan 07 2016, 03:02pm

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After a bit of research, I believe that there are 36 THP Loebs in the UK. Usefully, they have TURBO in the name on the V5c - at least that's the case with mine and 35 others!
Thu Jan 07 2016, 03:08pm
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And mine ^^^^
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 Biohead (08 Jan 2016 : 12:00)
Thu Mar 23 2017, 03:42pm
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sixmile wrote ...

I've actually seen more than usual in the last year or so in Northern Ireland. A live in a little village and there was another red loeb. The tech I go to has another one. I've seen another in Newtownards. Another one in Ballyclare Asda and one passed me miles from home yesterday. I try and keep a mental note of them so I know they're different ones by regs/no stickers/alloys etc

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