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Car washing C4 by Loeb?

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Tue Jan 21 2014, 07:36am
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Joined: Jan 20 2014
Location: Norfolk
Hi guys, first post so be gentle Just wanted to ask a question regarding putting my C4 loeb through a car wash, will the loeb stickers be ok or are they likely to peel off? i also have a couple of stickers on the rear windows i put on, will post a picture. Any thoughts?

Tue Jan 21 2014, 08:10am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Personally I wouldn't put any car through a 'mechanical' car wash, especially if it has a rear spoiler fitted.

Use a hand wash instead.
Tue Jan 21 2014, 09:38am
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Joined: Jun 11 2011
Location: leicestershire
Tue Jan 21 2014, 01:40pm
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Joined: Feb 04 2012
Location: Cambridgeshire
Personally I'd drive straight past the car wash unless you want some lovely swirls in your paint which will no doubt be quite visible being a Black car, too...

Ultimately the best way to wash the car is yourself... Invest in some nice wash gear and not only will you get the satisfaction of cleaning your car (if you're into that sort of thing ha ha!), but you'll know it's a proper job... Have a search around the net for what's recommended such as not using a sponge but investing in a wash mitt etc...

Beware, though, cleaning can get quite addictive especially being a Black car...! I have good results with Meguiars Carnauba Wax, although I know Peter has had good results with Poor Boy's Black Hole which I'm going to move to once I've used my Meguiars up...

Stickers on the doors will be totally fine come rain or shine. My old Loeb was subjected to rain, snow, sleet, hail and a hot summer and was fine...
Tue Jan 21 2014, 02:24pm
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Joined: Jan 20 2014
Location: Norfolk
Many thanks for your answers, looks like I will be avoiding the car wash!
Thu Jan 23 2014, 04:35am

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Joined: Apr 13 2011
Location: Sydney

DIY wash for the win!! Avoid the mechanical car wash joints at all costs!

PS> Welcome! Make sure to show us a bit more of your C4 than just the window + stickers
Thu Jan 23 2014, 05:00am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
The only way to wash and clean your car is DIY.

I've used an interior valet service once, but by the tine you've taken out all your belongings, you might as well do it yourself.

Those all American car washes aren't that good either, though the better ones don't use sponges from buckets, just hoses and chamois leathers.

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