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Faults (how bad?): Diesel Additive Adding Pump, P1598, and P1351 - advice?

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Sat Jan 11 2014, 01:48pm
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Joined: Sep 13 2013
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
I have a few faults and before my used-car warranty is up, I'd like to know if any are a concern:

1) In Diabox, there is this issue:
Diesel Additive Adding Pump - Communication Error

2) In Faults, there is this fault:
P1598 HDI-SID803 Cooling Circuit By-Pass Electrovalve: Local, Permanent Fault, "Short circuit between two wires or short circuit to positive" - picture attached

3) In Faults, there is this fault:
P1351 HDI-SID803 Pre/post heating relay circuit: Local, Permanent Fault, "Plugs never supplied" (probably self explanitory ha ha ha) - picture attached

Any advice would be appreciated!


Sat Jan 11 2014, 02:42pm
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additive pump error could cause problems as the regeneration cycle wont be running to clear the DPF
Sun Jan 12 2014, 02:49am

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P1351 - Click Here - which confirms this:

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/attachment/1/1389516435_1_FT192496_p1351.png|Error P1351::||]http://c4owners.org/plugins/forum/attachment/1/1389516435_1_FT192496_p1351_.png[/shadowbox]

For P1598 I found
Commodore wrote ...

Found this definition for P1598 over on a Peugeot forum:
Electrovalve in thermostat housing short ground or positive

Translation offered in the same thread: Sounds like air flaps on the engine air intake maybe faulty/vac problem/jammed.

Mon Jan 13 2014, 08:47am
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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
C6 Dave,

Do you mean the Air Doser unit? Because it is new and this error existed before and after its replacement. Or is there something else?


Mon Jan 13 2014, 08:54am

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Location: Northumberland
P1598 appears to be the thermostat, the other is Glow Plug related from what I can see.
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 sciamo (14 Jan 2014 : 04:39)
Tue Jan 14 2014, 04:21am

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P1351 - we see this alot - and seems to be a dummy / ghost code which has no running effect at all on the vehicle. Unless you have starting or running issues this fault code is ignored.

Haven't seen P1598 before on that engine - unusual. I'd be tempted to clear the faults and see what returns.

For the communication with additive pump - either a corroded wire or connector or the pump is faulty. As has been ssaid - get this sorted ASAP before your DPF blocks up
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 sciamo (14 Jan 2014 : 04:39)
Tue Jan 14 2014, 04:40am
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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Thanks loads...

I think the glow plug relay is fairly cheap and accessible... but like you said could be a ghost. It starts fine and I've cleared all the faults - it comes right back.
The thermostat too is easily replaced. I'll phone the warranty company and see.
I will have to look into the DPF.

Thank you!
Wed Feb 12 2014, 08:02am
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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Here is an update:

1) This error was a ghost.
2) This is a true fault - updated thermostat being installed.
3) This meant there was one bad glow plug. Warranty won't replace this so I think I may just do without until it becomes a problem as I've read all the nightmare stories about replacing these. Is this unwise?


Wed Feb 12 2014, 08:46am

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Changing the Glowplugs - - Click Here -

If you have no starting issues, I wouldn't worry about the glow plug. It doesn't kick in until something like -10°C. In over seven years I've only seen mind come on once in over seven years - and that was after the car had been standing at -10° to -15°C for a week. The car fired up immediately.

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