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Headlamp washers not working (not the pump or fuse)

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Mon Dec 30 2013, 04:45am

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steely wrote ...

xenons on mine as well and no problems with the last mot

As I say they are part of the test...

- Click Here -

Section 1.7 gives you an overview.

HIDs are contentious as some cars are fitted with HID but no washer systems (some early HID BMWs being one, Mitsubishi imports another) and its the call of the tester. As 2012 was the first year for them being tested, chances are not everywhere was up to speed. As more and more people start talking about it, fitting HID kits to their cars, and manufacturers fit as standard they become more widespread, and obvious.

As to if your car passes or fails it depends on the tester, if there is a Y in the day, the weather, the Earths rotational position to the moon....technically they are fitted to the car and therefore tested,

Its your call...
Sun Jun 07 2015, 05:51am
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I should have known! I've just fitted a new pump & still doesn't work! So I have new 20 amp fuse, new pump, I've sprayed the terminals with contact cleaner & don't know what else to try. Anyone have any ideas?
Tue Jun 09 2015, 01:37pm
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Has no one got any ideas on how to solve this?
Sat Nov 28 2015, 05:04pm
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If you have not yet solved it, check the BSM module. This controls the washer pump. It may get damaged of overload if the pump was corroded and stuck. It should register an error that the dealer diagnostics can read. Hook up a bulb or a voltmeter to the pump and see electricity goes there.

But if the fuse is OK, the pump is OK, the wiring is OK, then unfortunately it's the BM module. It's simple but expensive to replace.
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 FakeConcern (29 Nov 2015 : 03:47)
Sun Nov 29 2015, 03:49am
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Thanks for the reply, I've not solved this yet. Passed the MOT without it again this year. I now have a Lexia, but not got it set up yet. When I do I may be able to check your theory.
Sun Oct 06 2019, 03:59pm
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Did this problem get resolved as I have the same issue with my 2008 Lounge HDi although I believe its fitted with halogen lights?
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