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Air pipe sleeve damage

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Sat Nov 09 2013, 01:20pm
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Joined: Apr 08 2007
Location: Durham
Yesterday I started up my car and heard a horrible rattling sound from the engine. Opened the bonnet to look and found the air pipe connection to the turbo was loose. Pulled out the sleeve (part 14 in the diagram below) and I've attached a pic of what it looks like. It has a tear in it almost all of the way around.

It's obviously not been doing it's job and the air pipe has worked it's way loose. I have ordered a new sleeve, but I'm just worried about what has caused this.

Just normal wear and tear? Any ideas?

Sat Nov 09 2013, 06:51pm
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Location: Australia
The same thing happened to me. The sleeve seems to split after a few years of service. I found once the split appears its very hard to keep the hose on the turbo, so you should replace the sleeve as soon as the split is first noticed. Before you reassemble, just do a quick check that the turbo vanes look ok. Regards Evan
Sun Nov 10 2013, 02:05am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Not unusual for these to fail and it has been posted on before

A combination of heat, oil and vibration leads to eventual failure.

As a temporary measure you could wrap a bit of tape around to keep the car running until the new sleeve arrives
Sun Nov 10 2013, 02:48am
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Hi. I've just traded my 09 c4p 1.6 in at 122000 and I've had to replace 5 of these in that time.

The pipe has to come off when the fuel filter is changed and they simply aren't up to re-use!

Parts guy at dealer knew this parts number off by heart!

Replacing it will improve pickup and off idle performance quite a bit.

Sun Nov 10 2013, 02:54am
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Joined: Apr 08 2007
Location: Durham
Great, thanks for the help everybody! Put my mind at ease!
Thu May 16 2019, 01:45am
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Joined: May 16 2019
Location: gosport
ive had the same problem replaed the part but now cant get the pipe to stay attached no matter how i tighten the clip any suggestions
Mon May 20 2019, 06:55am
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Joined: May 19 2019
Location: Inverness
hicksm1994 wrote ...

ive had the same problem replaed the part but now cant get the pipe to stay attached no matter how i tighten the clip any suggestions

I would go for a new clip. They get less grippy after a few uses and tend to only distort one section of the hose.

I use T bolt hose clamps on my Range Rover P38 (it has LPG) and they are superb! I had a slight leak of gas and no matter what I did, the clip wouldn't tighten. SO I bought T bolt hose clamps at the local welding supplies shop and haven't had a sniff of a leak since.

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