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C4 Picasso Pneumatic Suspension - Spring Conversion Kits

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Wed Mar 14 2018, 03:03pm
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Joined: Mar 09 2016
Location: West Sussex
Hello Simon, have you got xenon headlights? I couldn't unplug my cables from the suspension ECU since it is linked to the height adjustment on the xenons. This is what I did to turn off the suspension - Click Here - I still haven't had any suspension warnings.
Sun Mar 25 2018, 09:20am
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Joined: Mar 13 2018
Location: Porcaro
Is it possible to remove the air suspension from the system with just a Lexia?
Thu Dec 06 2018, 11:21am
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Location: Halstead, Essex
Does anyone local to Braintree, Essex have the equipment and knowledge to turn off the suspension fault code?


Wed Jan 09 2019, 08:26am
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Joined: Jan 09 2019
Location: Halesowen
Hi there,

Is this code still working?

Anyone know of any other options?

Air suspension keeps going down..nightmare to drive!
Thu Jan 31 2019, 06:38am
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Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
If you're prepared to do some legwork you can order the springs from your local motor factor (or take a chance on eBay) and order the spring seats and bump stops from your local dealer.
Sat Feb 02 2019, 03:42am
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Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
I've just done the conversion on mine. The only part of the air suspension I removed were the air springs. I left the rest of it in situ. I didn't get any error messages. I disabled the air suspension ECU in the BSI configuration menu in Diagnosis and all is well.
Mon Jun 24 2019, 06:25pm
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To remove the rear shocks, do you have to take the spring and the top plate off to renew them? Sorry for asking on your thread, can't seem to create one.
Thu Sep 12 2019, 07:52am
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Just out of interest I see Amazon is selling the bags for £88 ( they must be in demand )
Thu Sep 12 2019, 09:09am

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djpopeye wrote ...

To remove the rear shocks, do you have to take the spring and the top plate off to renew them? Sorry for asking on your thread, can't seem to create one.

- Click Here -
Sun Mar 01 2020, 10:32am
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Location: MiltonKeynes
Can anyone tell if you change the back suspension and the Air Suspension Compressor do you have to activate them in the ecu put the codes for the new parts or something like that? Thank you
Sun Mar 01 2020, 02:21pm

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
- Click Here - This massive thread answers most questions.
Sun Mar 08 2020, 05:48am
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Joined: Jan 24 2015
Location: Swindon
C4 Picasso Exclusive 2008 Model

Hi I have just joined the Owners group after a lot of problems with the air suspension. Firstly, we bought the car in 2015 which had RAC warranty. Immediately the compressor failed about 6 weeks into our ownership. RAC wouldn't cover the whole cost but we managed to get the car repaired at a Citroen main dealer in Swindon with Citroen covering the cost of a new compressor (£900). We ended up paying a small excess which was OK as at least the car was back on the road.

Then about a year ago (early 2019) we started having problems with the suspension deflating overnight. I managed to sort by manually inflating using the buttons in the boot. It would be OK for a while, then the problem would appear at random intervals with the dreaded '5mph only' warning light. Irritatingly, it usually happened when we had people sat in the back - so back to the process of manually re-inflating.

Last week, my wife called me to say we had the problem again after refuelling in Swindon (which is now 30 minutes from our home address in Wiltshire as we have moved). She couldn't manually re-inflate. As fast as it was inflating, it was deflating. So we got the car recovered to our local independent dealer in Devizes Wiltshire and I ordered the spring kit from Eurocarcare for about £182. This was after I called them to get a valid discount code (Mick there was very helpful). The spring kit arrived next day via DPD and the garage fitted them.

Total cost £182 for the springs and £188 garage charges to diagnose a faulty compressor, fit springs and do the diagnostics/reset ECU.

The car handles much better - tighter control on cornering and altogether a worthwhile investment. I'm glad to be rid of this suspension problem once and for all.

Anyway, that's my story. Thank you C4Owners forum for some useful advice and pointers.

Tue Mar 10 2020, 08:02am
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Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
It was the best thing I did. I bought the springs from a local motor factor and bought the spring seats and bump stops from the local dealer. The conversion has been documented on my YouTube channel and it is still fine to this very day.
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