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Ride height

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Sat Oct 19 2013, 01:01pm
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I am having problems with the rear suspension on my 2007 C4GP Exclusive, I have had the suspension faulty warning come on intermittently over the last 3 weeks and my local Citroen dealer has had the car for 4 days last week which they say was a duff battery which was replaced under warranty as i haven't quite had the car for 3 months yet.

When i have had 5 or more people in the car and the suspension goes up as it should with the extra weight when they have got out it refuse to go back down again even using the manual button in the boot.

You get the ping sound to say it is lowering the suspension but it doesn't actually go down then over a couple of days it just randomly goes down on its own.It had new suspension air bags fitted not long before i purchased the car at the same dealer. They are going to fit a new ride height sensor to see if that helps as it threw up an error for low voltage from the battery or ride height sensor.

The garage doesn't seem overly confident that they know what the problem is as they now want the car in for another couple of days next week and im getting a bit fed up of driving about in a courtesy car!
Sun Oct 20 2013, 02:09am

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You could save some money and change the sensor yourself: - Click Here -
Sun Oct 20 2013, 02:46am
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Joined: Aug 13 2012
Location: Melksham,Wiltshire
It will be replaced foc under warranty anyway so might aswell let them do it. Its just a pain going backwards and forwards to the garage all the time. I am seriously considering converting it to springs when the warranty runs out.

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