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Climate control/heater blower dead!

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Wed Nov 07 2012, 05:23am
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Joined: Jan 23 2008
Location: Nottingham
Hi Martin
I know you posted a little while ago but I am having a similar issue and wondered if you ever got it resolved? I have just fitted a new blower motor. Again the connection socket gives different voltages as the fan speed is selected so there is power getting there but the fan is not working. Does the car need plugging into a diagnostics machine to calibrate the part? Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks, Matt
Thu Dec 04 2014, 01:04pm
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Joined: Sep 18 2010
Location: Glasgow
Hey folks,

I've got another thread on the go (no avail yet..no-one seems to know how to fix the problem) but i came across this thread and this is the exact same problem I have.

**Out of the ENTIRE INTERNET, the only reference to this same problem is here!**

So...the blower comes on full blast for 1 second on turning the ignition to start the car, then nothing. Other days, the car turns on no problem (no full blast blower) but you can then cycle through the fan settings and its fine (its the climate control model)..basically, its normal.

But, as has been discussed, this is a total lottery..no rhyme or reason! I've replaced the blower, the resistor module, tried another control panel...no difference.

Thu Dec 04 2014, 01:18pm

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Please do not post the same issue in multiple threads.

The only outcome is confusion.

In case you hadn't noticed, one thread is about climate control, the another about manual A/C.
Thu Dec 04 2014, 01:32pm
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Joined: Sep 18 2010
Location: Glasgow

I'm sorry, i'm obviously very frustrated and was stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one...I've 'commandeered' one thread so to speak - Click Here - so I've been updating that with my progress, BUT i saw this thread today with the exact problem I am facing (i'm not kidding you...out of the whole of the internet, this is the only reference to it) and I had hoped the me replying here would trigger notifications to the posters on this thread, and they may reply. Notably, Louise, as she has the exact same problem.

Should I have contacted them individually? Again, I'm sorry, but please don't get on at me. These past few weeks it just feels as if I have been having conversations with myself on here. The garage, the auto electricians, no-one can help. I'm at a loss.
Fri Dec 05 2014, 02:45am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
trembling_blender wrote ...

I had hoped the me replying here would trigger notifications to the posters on this thread, and they may reply. Notably, Louise, as she has the exact same problem.

Did you not notice that 'Louise' details are missing?

They are no longer a member so are not in a position to respond as they won't have seen your post. That's the problem with trying to resurrect 7 year old threads I'm afraid.
Tue Dec 09 2014, 07:12am
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Joined: Sep 18 2010
Location: Glasgow
Hi Dave,

Apologies, I didn't notice that re Louise's details (I didn't think it necessary to click on her name).

Noted for future reference, thanks for pointing it out.
Mon Oct 23 2017, 08:53am
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Joined: Apr 14 2012
Location: Popovaca
Hi trebmling_blender,

Did you resolve your problem?

I have exact same problem, and hint what to do next

Thu Jan 16 2020, 09:47am
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Joined: Feb 14 2018
Location: Hants
Hello All,

was the fuse box faulty on Martin' car. My C4GP 66 plate has the same fault. Air con not working or intermitant. When it works its fine. sound like air con control unit, if not that then intermitant fuse box.
Thu Jan 16 2020, 01:32pm
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
Have you had the refrigerant level checked?
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