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Climate control/heater blower dead!

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Wed Dec 12 2007, 12:52pm
After just 600 miles the heater blower just stopped this morning. Means tomorrow I'm not going anywhere until the car defrosts naturally. also with Climate control on auto it seems to know the blower isn't working and the fan symbol doesn't even appear.

Any ideas?
Wed Dec 12 2007, 01:07pm

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The Fan symbol does not show on Auto

In "manual" mode you have to press the Fan buttons to kick the heater into life other wise it sits idle doing nothing.

I take it you have pressed thethe buttons to increase the blower strength, the fan symbol comes on but no blow?

Wed Dec 12 2007, 01:18pm
I've tried most things. holding the auto to control all zones, the full defrost, manual fans. The only blowers working are those in row 2, and they blow cold.
Mon Dec 24 2007, 07:00am
The local garage, Freeborns in Southampton were very good but getting some of the parts from Citroen took some effort, particularly given that the original delivery time took us past Christmas and so into the new year. Once the spare did arrive I dropped the car in late on Thursday pm and it was ready by 08:32 on Friday. They changed the blower motor, the relay and the control box.............so far, so good.
Mon Mar 31 2008, 04:36am
I bought my C4 in January and intermittently the blower does not work. When I turn the engine on it blows on full for approx 1 second then it is dead. At other times it works completely fine. I had the fan motor replaced last week and all seemed well until Saturday morning when the problem occurred again. Any ideas?
Mon Mar 31 2008, 04:55am

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Hi Louise

Welcome to C4Owners....

Does you C4 have A/C or climate control? If its the latter it could be as something as simple as the internal temp sensor behind the speedo thats gone duff....

Unfortunatly there are many component parts to the A/C/Climate Control assembly and it might be a case of trial and error until you find the bit that has been causing the problems. It might be worth suggesting to the dealer what Lee had replaced in the above posts (Relay and Control Box) and see how that goes.

Either way unfortunatly it will need to go back in...

Welcome once again
Tue Apr 01 2008, 02:16pm
Thanks for the welcome!I'll have to take it to a different dealer this time because of work so we'll see if they can fix the problem. Will definately make a note of what Lee had replaced! Here's hoping...
Thu Dec 24 2009, 10:44pm
I have exactly the same problem....first fan randomly worked or not. I went to electrician and positive wire feeding the fan had power only until fuse box(which is filled with some epoxy or whatever so no fine electronic repairs possible). So he bypassed it like a pro with aditional relay and fuse...it was ok for an hour but then again it worked randomly - only this time it somethimes blow full power for 1sec when i turn on car, and then it wont work. If the car turns on silently(normal) it works.

The electrician went crazy, hahaha and then he sad now positive is alwaus charged as it should be but when not working its cus it lacks juice on negative wire on control module(found it on citroen service site pr.n. 6441 S7). I called authorised ripper(dealer), they wanted 100 euros for labor just to examine whats wrong, no way man

Funny thing is, you never now when will it work. And if it works, it will be fine untill you turn of the car, then again lottery...every stop is gambling

Tommorow i`m fixing that permanent cold/hot air easy thing(which by the way was cold on my side and -10 celsius these days, sky hat and gloves for normal driving), but really dont know what to do with fan, dont want to buy controle module just like that without being sure...
Sun Dec 19 2010, 07:22am
Does anyone know which fuse protects the heater/blower circuit, I have looked under the bonnet fusebox, checked all the high rated fuses from 20A thro' to 40A. All are OK.

The glove compartment fusebox is tricky to get at and with the temperatures in the minus range, have come in for a warm. I cannot feel my feet anymore.
Sun Dec 19 2010, 08:11am

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Which car, this thread is for the C4 Picasso.....
Sat Jul 23 2011, 07:20am
Hi from Nederland,

I also have a Citroen c4 a/c unit that's gone faulty. A error report pointed towards the blower control unit but when replaced the problem continued.

The airco seams to be working on very low power and the heater doesn’t work either.

I read that a mechanic had changed the blower, the control unit and the relay system... ( this doesn’t seam like the work of a diagnostics mechanic but an amateur. three items rarely fail at the same time)

It is so , I think, that the relay unit is sealed into the fusebox making a complete fuse box replacement necessary. If this is not the case please let me know. Any other advice greatly appreciated

Sat Jul 23 2011, 10:36am

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Is it a base air con unit or one with 'dual climate control' (you can set different temperatures at each side?
Sat Jul 23 2011, 11:41am
Hallo again,

It is a dual climate control system. I have just had the blower motor off and connected it over a direct 12 volt battery. It works perfectly.
I also measure the plug leading to the motor ( and from the motor control unit ) and this gives a 12 to 13 volt output when the fan speed is turned upto full, when when all is connected there is no motor movement.

I'm now guessing that with all these facts the relay is suspect along with the temp and pressure switches. Perhaps the blower motor is still also suspect??

Maybe there zijn more tests that I could do??

Sun Jul 24 2011, 02:15am

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Hmm, it could be the front control panel, some members have ended up changing it as a resistor went in it.

First try setting both sides to +21c for 10-15 minutes to see if it resets
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  (24 Jul 2011 : 06:30)
Sun Jul 24 2011, 08:25am
Hi Dave,

I'm surprised to hear that you think it may be the front panel ( I guess you're referring to the interior panel with all the knobs on?). Does this mean that you have reasons for dismissing other factors such as the motor, motor controller, relay board etc.?

What I really don't understand is that I can get a voltage across the motor connection socket and that I can also get the motor spinning on a separate power supply but not together...Do you or anyone know of other factors involved that can effectively stop the motor from turning even though there is a clear voltage reading

Anyway I have tried the reset idea but still no luck. I guess this is a standard procedure for resetting the airco system?

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 grahn (16 Jan 2020 : 09:44)
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