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Air Conditioning Compressor

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Thu Sep 19 2013, 12:30pm
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Just had my car at the garage for an MOT which it passed but I asked them to have a look and listen at a whirring noise from the engine around the fan belt area. I've been told that it's the air con compressor that's faulty. Incidentally the aircon works perfectly. They contacted Citroen who quote almost £400 for the compressor and then there will be fitting recharging the air con etc by my local garage.
I've had a look at second hand units online and I'm prepared to take a gamble considering the price as they come with a limited guarantee. Has anyone fitted an ACU compressor and used a charging kit available for sale online through various car accessory shops. Thanks for any replies
Thu Sep 19 2013, 01:16pm

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Save time and money plus get a guarantee by going to a local air con specialist to get it checked out
Sun Sep 22 2013, 12:20pm
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Dave, Thanks for the advice. Has anyone ever changed the bearing on a C4 air con compressor? How easy is it to remove the pulley / Clutch from the car without removing the compressor from the car. I really can't face a £300 plus bill at the moment so surely changing the bearing can't be hard or expensive....or can it?
Mon Sep 23 2013, 11:52am
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the compressor has an electronic clutch engagement, not a constantly fixed pulley, even so the chances of you from a diy prospective stripping it and getting it gas tight again are slim to non. Go with C6 Dave suggestion.
Sun Sep 29 2013, 08:51am
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All fixed and it only cost me £37 and about an hours labour. Following my last post I seriously looked at purchasing a factory refurbished unit fitting it and then getting the system professionally recharged. However looking at the costs involved I decided to take a chance and purchased a second hand unit from eBay.

I was only going to use the pulley so decided I could be any worse off. On receiving the 'new' compressor I removed the clutch plate. Despite what a lot of guides say you do not need any fancy tools to do this.

The locking spanner from an angle grinder perfectly fits two of the holes and allows a socket access to loosen the centre nut. Removing this allows access to the large circlip holding the pulley on. You need to slacken the drive belt and lock it in position. Using a 15mm socket rotate the self adjuster and place a 5mm pin, nail or drill into the hole to keep the tension off and allow you to remove the belt. The above can be easily accessed from under the bonnet.

The remainder however can't. Jack the car up and remove the drivers side front wheel. Remove the plastic under wing trim. You only need to remove the front half although complete removal does aid access. From under the wing you can now access that large circlip. Remove this and then remove the pulley. You may have to use a pulley puller.

I managed to get a standard 3 legged puller on but you may have to use a V Belt pulley puller if you can't get easy access. Replace the pulley with a replacement and reverse the above procedure. Mine works a treat and I've saved many hundreds of pounds into the bargain.

I'm going to look for a bearing now and replace the old one that I removed so that I have a spare. I'll post some pictures soon showing what I have done.
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Wed Jun 24 2015, 07:04am
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I have a scrapping sound and there is signs of fretting so it looks as if it may be the same as you .
did you take note of the bearing number.

Thank you this will save me a lot of worry time and money

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