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Clear spots on windscreen. Can't remove them.

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Mon Aug 26 2013, 03:30pm
Member No: #11964
Joined: Jan 05 2010
Location: Glasgow
I have some spots on my windscreen. They started at the passenger side. at first I thought that they where made when I used a furniture polish and I thought some had made it onto the glass. But now they are all over the glass, both sides and I can't remove them.

Anyone know what they are I have a picture of them.

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Mon Aug 26 2013, 03:54pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Can you feel them?

If not I would say looks like the laminated layer is coming away in those spots.

Say that as looks like some are on one side and some the other.
Tue Aug 27 2013, 12:11am
Member No: #11964
Joined: Jan 05 2010
Location: Glasgow
The glass feels totally flat, as if there is nothing there. Its a mystery to me. I tried vinegar as someone said it could be calcium from water droplets, but this never made any difference. I thought the same as you with the laminate coming away.

I might take it along to one of those places that do chip repairs and ask them.

Cheers, Gary.
Wed Aug 28 2013, 06:24am
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Joined: Feb 16 2010
Location: Ayrshire, Scotland
I also have them on my 2008 VTR+, noticeable from the outside but when I'm sat in the driver's seat you struggle to see them. Again, I think it's the laminate layer coming apart in the screen, but it's passing MOTs ok so I'll leave it for now, I'll wait till it's more noticeable before changing screen!
Fri Aug 30 2013, 12:21am
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Joined: Jan 05 2010
Location: Glasgow
Mine passed its MOT as well with them. In direct sunlight you see them more.

Fri Aug 30 2013, 05:29am
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Joined: Sep 21 2010
Location: Merseyside
hi, is there any spots on paintwork? someone might have spilt something whilst shaking bottle or container of thinners or something similar.

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