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Returning to the fold, with a new shape C4

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Sat Sep 07 2013, 01:44pm
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Joined: Jul 29 2013
Location: West Mids
Thanks BJD, sorted the 'issue' out.
I had some after market reversing sensors fitted a few weeks back(as its a VTR they aren't standard fit) Anyway, seems the fitter didn't refit the boot seal fully around the boot lip.. hence, the intermittant boot open /doors open message. Refitted it securely , job done.

As I washed the car last weekend, I noted the offside inner front wheel arch isn't secured properly and the edge is visible below the actual exterior arch.

I can see there is a 'fastener' that is fitted thro the inner arch , but it doesn't seem to be holding the inner arch securely in place.

Has anyone got an exploded view of how this is fitted ? Is it a simple case of fitting a new fastener ? Or best leave it to dealer as tis still under warranty ?

Advice appreciated.
Many thanks

Stevie B
Sun Sep 08 2013, 01:34am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Under warranty, leave it to the dealer to sort out.
Sat Nov 09 2013, 07:02am
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Joined: Jul 29 2013
Location: West Mids
Well, now had the new shape C4 for 3 months, only covered a couple of thousand miles but have to say I still love this car !

My one and only regret is my budget couldn't stretch to a VTR+ or better model, but that said I am very pleased with this.
It's a real joy to drive, after spending a day in my works VW caddy van, and even the shortest trips are enjoyable.

One slight niggle that has manifested itself twice now.. is the Daylight running lights.. I cannot believe that these are simply standard 380 21/5w incandescent bulb technology !

They are brake light bulbs! no more no less..and as far as I know, brake bulbe where never designed to be run constantly with both filaments illuminated, in a confined space.

This is no different to the VW caddy works van I drive daily, these too, blow regularly and need replacing.

Anyways, the new C4 has blown 2 since I have had it... but NO MORE !

Doing some research, I have located some superb replacement LED bulbs..running cooler, with much brighter light..will easily outlive the old traditional 21/5w brake bulbs.

Taking less than 2 minutes to fit each one, I am well impressed with these.They are designed to be Canbus error free, so now horrid warnings on the dash either.. brilliant !

At £20 for two they are expensive, but very likley a once only purchase with additional benefits of longevity and brightness too.

They are still 21/5w so have both DLR and side light functions.
Slightly longer than the standard bulb too.. but fit with no problem.

Even the side light function is much brighter than the original bulbs and the illumination is bright white rather than the incandescent yellow of standard bulbs.

Well, I like em !

I got mine from Fleabay, HIDS Direct..
just search for item number 370539371130

and if you need to see the pics.. here they are ..
in order:

As received.
Each bulb has 27 LEDS
Slightly larger than standard 380 21/5w bulb
Citroen Standard Daylight Running lights
LED Daylight Running Lights
LED side lights.

I think they are worth every penny (well £20 actually),they look and run very cool, no errors, incredibly bright too.


Stevie B
Sat Nov 09 2013, 07:18am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
I have the regular incandescent DLRs and I'm still on the originals after 3 years....
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