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1.6 VTi Fuel Consumption

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Thu May 09 2013, 06:08am
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
Well. had the 1.6 petrol VTi for a month now.

Just done my first long journey, Bolton to Crediton, Devon and back about 250 miles each way. Journey down 37.6 mpg but stuck in crawling traffic for about 30 mins, journey back 40.1 mpg clear run no hold ups ........ happy with that.

Thu May 09 2013, 06:22am

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
Brilliant - what sort of speed do you do on the motorway? I stick to 72mph (on the speedo) amd at this speed our 110 HDI 16v gets 48-50mpg. If you are doing 70-ish and getting 40.1 that is brilliant, if you are dicing it with the trucks on the inside lane then it is less impressive!

Do you find it powerful enough - psychologically a N/A petrol with 120bhp and less than 120lb/ft of torque 'feels' too underpowered for the Picasso and Grand Picasso but I'd be interested to know if the car feels fine.
Thu May 09 2013, 08:25am
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
Try to stay at around 70-ish, but obviously have to drop down from this from time to time.
Must admit the economy was better than I was expecting

Car feels fine ok, enough power for me, even in the lanes and hills of Devon. Smooth driving and not too much hard acceleration and you can still get reasonable economy from a petrol engine.

According to the computer my average speed on the return journey was 50mph which included approx 20 miles of country lanes/urban roads.
Thu May 09 2013, 12:05pm
Member No: #24121
Joined: Feb 04 2012
Location: Cambridgeshire
The VTi 120 is a nice little engine IMO, certainly better than the previous 1.6 16v TU.

Comes alive more with the revs up, above 3500 revs and its motors well indeed.

I generally get between an average of 35 and 38MPG which considering some of the driving is "swift" I find it fine.

I have noticed though the if going around town a lot and stop start etc it does impact the miles to go reading, althought once back out on the open road it gets back to how it was. Just the nature of it.

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