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Heater blower not working!

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Sun May 05 2013, 06:14pm
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Having spent hours trying to find the fault, Finally managed to trace it!

Fault traced as follows:

1) Replaced fuse 11 40A under bonnet fuse box (blower not working)

2) Replaced Resistor behind air blower (blower not working)

3) Remove blower and bench test (blower works!)

4) Remove dual climate control face unit check connections (blower not working)

5) No power to air blower, The air blower relay under fuse board of under bonnet fuse box is not easily accessible and is not replaceable as it is sealed in with glue/wax seal.

Cheap solution: Link a new supply from electric seats (red wire grey socket glove box fuse board see link below) and connect to positive wire to air blower. - Click Here -

Or replace under bonnet fuse board complete with relays see link below. - Click Here -

In summary no power from under bonnet fuse board faulty relay not replaceable.

PS The original resistor was working doh!
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