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My C4 VTR+ (1.6 HDI coupe)

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Thu Mar 14 2013, 03:03pm
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Joined: Apr 11 2011
Location: County Durham
Hi Everyone. I bought this a couple of years ago, and since then, all I've done is driven it. It's a 55 plate,. bought from the second owner, and has now done around 76,000 miles. It's not been totally faultless, the front springs needed replacing, the aircon has some sort of intermittent fault, and theres a rusty patch of paint just behind the passengers door (no damage though, just the paint coming away). I've tried repainting this bit myself, quickly, but I'm about to have a better go at it as my first attempt was a failure. i was in a hurry and tried to do it without primer. Obviouly this hasn't gone well. Now it has been given a coat of hammerite direct to rust primer (after sanding down), onto which I'll apply the citroen colours.
I'm not 100% fussed about the paint being a slightly different colour - if it ever does become an issue, I'll get it seen to proffessionally - but given the location of the patch, and the fact it's cost me £20 rather than £200, I'm sure I can see how it goes.

Here's a not very high resolution picture from the summer that doesn't really show the car off very well. I'll take a better one when I've given the car another good clean.

So, things that need doing...

I'll not be touching the wheels. I love the resolfens. They could probably do with a refurbish sometime...

Coilovers, I did look at, but my 10 mile each way commute to work doesn't really warrant them. Other than that, the majority of driving I do is on motorways or dual carriageways.

I saw a C4 not too long ago sporting th look I want.
- Spoiler
- Mudguards (moulded OEM ones, front and rear)
- Lightly tinted rear windows

3 Pretty simple mods, that shouldn't take too much effort, but do require saving up... I'm also concerned about the mudguards catching on things (kerbs etc when reversing), but then they don't look as low slung as 'rally flap' style ones.

I also need new VTR+ badges. The red on the ones that are on is faded. I could always repaint them - but then the newer style ones look a bit better.

That's all really. Any other suggestions, throw them this way!

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Thu Mar 14 2013, 05:18pm
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Location: Stoke-on-Trent
Put some of my wife red nail varnish to good use on the VTR+ badges, lasted over 2 years now and still looks great.
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 MarkHughes (14 Mar 2013 : 17:38)
Fri Mar 15 2013, 04:40pm
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Location: Cambridgeshire
Nice picture!

The Spoiler Police will be around soon - could be classed as a forum rule to have a spoiler!

I like the mudflaps on the C4, here's mine - - Click Here - - Click Here -

Must admit I've been thinking about tints for the back - further the black look of my C4!

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