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C4 Picasso Exhaust fumes problem

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Fri Mar 01 2013, 08:42am
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Joined: Apr 01 2010
Location: London
My three year old diesel engined C4 Pic has suddenly started to produce very smelly, old style, exhaust fumes. Up to now I never even noticed any smell from the exhaust but now it smells like an old bus. It's due it's first MOT in three weeks time. The mileage is a mere 10,000. Any ideas?
Fri Mar 01 2013, 10:51am

Member No: #90
Joined: Jan 29 2007
Location: Bristol
I believe this is a trait of leaky injector seals...

There are plenty of threads on the forum about this...
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Fri Mar 01 2013, 11:17am

Sat Jan 11 2014, 04:39am
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Joined: Jul 21 2011
Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
I just noticed the same smell and read posting of what it could be but my question is is it safe to continue driving whilst waiting to have the problem fixed
Sat Jan 11 2014, 07:43am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
As long as it's not a leaking injector dropping fuel into the sump but keep an eye on the oil level. If it starts to rise get the car sorted a.s.a.p. otherwise it could end up destroying the engine
Sat Jan 11 2014, 10:41am
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Joined: Jul 21 2011
Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
I just took off the plastic cover the injectors and the surroundings are like new with no trace of diesel. Checked the Oil which is ok.

The reason I asked was it ok to drive I am about to get the Dublin ferry on Monday night to do a quick trip to London and back Tuesday /Wednesday and would not have the to time to get to my dealer.

The only thing I have done out of the norm has been taken the kids to school(3 miles)while the wife car is off the road plus had a near rear tyre fitted
Tue Jan 14 2014, 04:15am

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Location: Stafford
There's usually a horrible build up of tar like sludge if an injectors is leaking.

The other usual thing is the cat to turbo joint - poor sealing at the flange. Best thing to do is have a good sniff around the engine bay with the engine ticking over.
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