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Solid flywheel conversion kits

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Thu Feb 28 2013, 04:55am
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Joined: Mar 16 2012
Location: peterlee
hi could anyone point me in the right direction as to where i cant buy a solid flywheel conversion kit for my c4 vts hdi. has anyone had any experience of have one fitted ie cost of labour and time taken. what was the final results ie vibration and noise levels
cheers jonny
Thu Feb 28 2013, 05:56am

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Location: Northumberland
There aren't any listed for the C4 if you look on the Valeo website

EDIT: looks like the Valeo site is out of date as the kits are available for the 2.0 HDi from: - Click Here - and - Click Here -

Can't find the 1.6 Conversion kits though
Thu Feb 28 2013, 06:30am
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Joined: Mar 16 2012
Location: peterlee
thanks for the reply dave

have found the kits 1 on ebay and 1 off eurocarparts (15% off clutch parts at the mo)
My next question is how much do you think a garage would charge to fit this conversion kit?

Thu Feb 28 2013, 07:15am
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Location: Ruislip, Middlesex
The eBay seller (Neat Car Parts) are a very good firm. They are a high-street car parts and accessory shop based on Yiewsley High Street, about 400 yards from my house and I regularly buy bits from them. It would appear that Neat and ECP are selling the same kit, so just go with whoever is cheapest (which might be ECP with the 15% off code).

As for fitting. It's a pretty labour-intensive job, so I am guessing you are looking at 7 hours+ of labour. At dealer labour rates, that would be in the £700-800 and up. An independent garage would charge usually half that. You really need to get quotes from a number of garages (have a look at the garage reviews section on this site).

As a rough guide, the last clutch I had done on a car (not my C4 thankfully), was 11 hours of labour at a trusted independent garage charging £30 an hour labour.

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