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C4GP Brilliant explanation for a sticking fuel filler flap

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C4 GP Exclusive   
Wed Feb 03 2010, 12:57pm

Member No: #165
Joined: Mar 14 2007
Location: North Scotland
My car was in to get my sticking fuel flap fixed.
I was told yes there was a bulletin from S**troen
about this and the problem was now fixed.

Stupid me didn't test it before I took it home and after pulling in to get fuel the b****y thing didn't open!

I suspect my problem isn't related to the bulletins and is more serious. I believe that the latch is not retracting enough , for whatever reason, and only repeated presses of the switch may have an effect. Sometimes it will open sometimes not.

This is no good! If I am on my own there is no way to get the thing open unless I ask someone to lever it as I press the button and on a top of the range car that just isn't going to happen!

This switch has to work 100% all the time, not 40%!

This started to occur at the end of October and I noticed a whirring sound instead of that 'clunk I'm open!, when the switch was activated.

Is there a schematic somewhere to analyse the problem?

Does Phil know of anything else about this problem?

I suspect that the latch mechanism is to blame and I note the rubber seal might be supporting a slight vacuum (previous posts) , thus overcoming whatever spring is attached to the flap.
This has only occurred after 31 months of ownership and regular use.

If a modification needs to be done then Citroen will be doing it not me.
Its back to the garage under warranty again tomorrow.
Wed Feb 03 2010, 01:21pm
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
Mine has started sticking. It does not open when you press the button several times. If I then press the flap and then go back and press the button it is OK.
C4 GP Exclusive   
Wed Feb 03 2010, 01:33pm

Member No: #165
Joined: Mar 14 2007
Location: North Scotland
routemaster1 wrote ...

Mine has started sticking. It does not open when you press the button several times. If I then press the flap and then go back and press the button it is OK.

I have noticed this and I suspect the vacuum problem but why now after 2.1/2 years of successful operation?

If a modification is needed, then it is up to Citroen to do it not me, as I will not invalidate the warranty.
Wed Feb 03 2010, 03:13pm
Mine was fixed by Citroen HQ themselves in the summer..
Lots of grease everywhere i noticed..
So I thought that it would be OK for ever with my usage..
as I only fill up about every 3 months ..well it does do 23MPG on average..
so i was surprised when i tried to fill up before Xmas..
I too got a whirring sound and the flap would not open..
Luckily both sons live nearby and a joint effiort free'd it.
I see now that they have realised that it is a cold weather problem and
they have issued a Chitty to mend it for good.
Mine goes in for it's 2000mile [sic] service next month..after 2years on the road..
so am happy that they will remedy this time..
I have every confidence in them..
as they diagnosed the faulty Fuse Box and that has been ok since
C4 GP Exclusive   
Sun Feb 07 2010, 01:36pm

Member No: #165
Joined: Mar 14 2007
Location: North Scotland
Well went in again, and again "its been fixed",
and guess what?
Soon as I tried it, it didn't work!!!!!!

After some more de-burring it started working and has worked for a while.

I think a possible solution is to puncture the rubber gasket as it must be creating a seal around the filler cap strong enough to overcome the weak spring, but I suspect the latch is not fully retracting when the flap is closed, but of course works everytime when the flap is open because there is no tension to overcome.

If you press in the filler cap then operate the switch it works.
But it should work just by pressing the switch.

(If you press to deploy a parachute you expect it to work!
If it doesn,t you have a reserve. There is no secondary method for the filler cap if it fails.)

Unfortunately, it's stuff like this that puts people off buying again and is causing Citroen harm.

Anybody else have any suggestions?
Sun Feb 20 2011, 04:24pm
Member No: #16758
Joined: Dec 08 2010
Location: Nottingham
Same as above unfortunately. If it sticks I get out, give the cap a good few presses and then press the release button again. Works every time (so far...). I think it must just be the latch getting caught which it freed up when the cap is pressed. Was thinking of giving it a dose of WD40 to see if it improves things.
Mon Feb 21 2011, 04:18pm
There's a video describing a work around to this problem - Click Here -

Mon Feb 21 2011, 05:13pm
Member No: #16927
Joined: Dec 20 2010
Location: London
has anyone tried the drilling method.
does it work.
What would happen if u just pulled off the entire rubber bit.
Tue Feb 22 2011, 12:23pm
Member No: #4184
Joined: Jun 20 2008
Location: Neath, S.Wales
I took a pin and pricked it 4 times at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o clock on the rubber wall
Then tried to make it seal against my hand, and it wouldn't
Problem solved
Tue Dec 27 2011, 03:06pm
I had this problem for the first time 3 weeks ago....very embarassing!
I have been tinkering all weekend try to solve it, wd40, grease etc, I think I have actually solved the problem, I pushed in the rubber seal and then popped it back out and literally turned it round aprox half a turn.
i will keep you posted but it worked the next 10x out of ten....who knows, try and turn the rubber seal and see if it helps.
Wed Jan 11 2012, 03:52pm
Member No: #10673
Joined: Aug 20 2009
Location: Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire
I have the same problem on my 57 C4GP. I recall reading somewhere, pos in an old post on this site, that the filler cap gets stuck due to a vacum being created as the fuel tank empties, which kinds of makes sense as when I pull the fuel cover slightly it breaks the vacum seal. The suggested solution was to drill a small hole in the rubber that covers the filler hole.

I have not tried this yet as seemed to be ok in the summer but as soon as temp drops has become a problem again.

sorry I dont know what happened, I replied to a different thread and found that it has been put here, with a load of threads wit the same answer. dont kow how that happened.
Mon Jan 30 2012, 08:32am

I'm a new C4 Picasso owner (only 3 days) and have encountered what I now understand is the "dreaded" sticky filler cap on trying to fill up for the first time. It is a cold day here, so I'm guessing that's had an impact.

Managed to use a screwdrive to jemmy the flap, then pressed the button which opened it. Looks to me like a vacuum issue definitely.

I'm reluctant to puncture the seal so was wondering if there's a way to get hold of the actual Citroen technical chat about this. I've seen some references to these but not sure where I could get a hold of it. I bought the car 2nd hand from a small, non-Citroen dealer so suspect their problem solving would also involve the Google search that brought me here (no shame in that!).
Sun Mar 09 2014, 01:59pm
Member No: #34598
Joined: Mar 07 2014
Location: Somerset
I had this issue with mine. Once I got it open I cleaned everything up, seem spilt diesel can cause it to stick.
Thu Aug 21 2014, 04:20pm
Member No: #1761
Joined: Dec 19 2007
Location: Monmouthshire, UK
When I had my C4 GP, I found mine would not open due to vacuum etc. but the release catch was not releasing the flap.

No matter how often the dealer tried to rectify, I had to get someone to press the release button and then I pressed the flap to allow the catch to release or if on my own, pressed the flap a few times then quickly pressed the release button.

Thank god the new 2014 model don't have the same type of flap, it seems they learn't lesson with the problems of the first C4 Picasso's.
Wed Aug 27 2014, 09:03am
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
I thought that this problem was down to a burr on the releasing catch. Inspectng and deburring should solve it. I had this problem with my 2007 car but never an issue with the 2011 one.
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