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My first week of ownership of my C4 :-)

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Fri Jan 25 2013, 06:17am
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(wasn't sure where to put this - saw there was a post 2011 road test section but nor a pre 2011 - so feel free to move it)

Well it's been an interesting week in C4 coupe land. Picked the car up on Saturday and cos of the weather didn't get much driving done until Monday but got a few things sorted anyway..

First was the washer jets were not working (fuse) and one front indicator was white instead of orange ( bulb change). Odd considering it has a 12 month MOT but hey.. The bulb change took longer than it should but that was cos I spent ages trying to work out if I had to take the headlamp unit off instead of just getting a torch and looking at the back of it

More worrying was the lack of spare wheel and jack/brace. One phone call to the garage and a very apologetic fella explained that the spare gets cleaned by the valeters and they must have forgotten to put it back in. Went in on Wednesday and got the wheels/tools ..

Only issue left is the fact that there is no locking wheelnut key and Kwikfit say they won't even try to take them off. Garage is going to sort that next Wednesday though so all should be good provided I don't get a ... no.... not even going to say it!

The car is a 1.6HDi VTR+ EGS. Got 84k on the clock but seems utterly immaculate. No scratches/stonechips, steering wheel and pedals not showing any real wear. Everything electronic works

I wish it had the parking sensors because for a car with a flat back it's still quite deceptive where the back end is.. I keep reversing up to things and stop thinking I'm inches away and get out to find I'm 2 feet away! I'm planning on fitting some aftermarket ones when it's a bit warmer I think, front and rear.

Took a while to get the seat where I want it but seems comfy now so will kill anyone who tries to move it

Economy around town is not quite as good as I was hoping for but frankly it's cold outside and I only do a couple of miles to work, getting about 35mpg. Did a 50mph motorway trip of about 35 miles though and got 68.3mpg for that so it's all swings and roundabouts.

Still getting used to the EGS. I was trying to explain to someone that it doesn't feel like driving an automatic. It's like driving a manual where someone else is changing the gears.. bit odd really. Finding that there is a fine line between barely pulling away and spinning the wheels in 1st but it's a learning process and I've only done 100 miles in total.

All in all I'm loving it though. Was worried about getting another French car cos I was a Peugeot boy racer for many years and am used to cars made from tin foil but this seems a bit more substantial (except the bonnet!)
Fri Jan 25 2013, 07:02am
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Get yourself a winter grille, makes all the difference on a HDi in cold weather, helping the car to get up to temp faster and thus can help fuel economy.
Fri Jan 25 2013, 07:16am

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You must have missed the forum so moved the thread for you......
Sun Jan 27 2013, 05:49am
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C6 Dave wrote ...

You must have missed the forum so moved the thread for you......

I did... I feel silly now :-\

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