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My New C4 VTR+ EGS Polar White

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Mon Jan 21 2013, 06:20am
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Location: Bucks
Hi all

I took delivery of my new C4 on Jan 3rd and so far I have been very, very pleased.

Having traded in my old C4 VTR+ I was determined to replicate the kit on the new one... The biggest driver about the purchase was economy, reliability, comfort and toys! On the new model out goes auto wipers/lights/rear view mirror/climate, but in comes refinement/noise reduction/parking sensors. So (having beaten up the dealer for a good deal) I have purchased a Polar White VTR+ with Auto Pack which means I now have everything I wanted. It's a 1.6 litre 110HP EGS model.

I hated the EGS when I first test drove one and removed it from my which list - all jerky and hesitant etc, etc, blah, blah. I then drove a 2.0 litre Exclusive 6spd manual which was very nice with all the kit but low economy (average 40-50mpg max) and had loads of torque even in 6th at 40mph!

Next was another Exclusive but this time 1.6 litre. Nice but it had upgraded 18" wheels and thumped and bumped it's way around the streets.

Next on the list was a 1.6 litre 90hp VTR+. Good at slow speeds (presumably aided by turbo assistance...) but at say around 45mph in 5th or 6th it had no go at all and found myself having to change down every 2 minutes. Not good.

Next was another VTR+ 1.6 litre 110hp EGS! Just to make sure I really hated it... BTW, this particular Salesman was young and keen to impress so we spent the whole morning driving! Brilliant in my view. Well this was the revelation drive! Once warmed up, and with some new instruction about how to drive it I was hooked. The test drive was extended, and extended, I tried out the hill hold function, and extended, I tried it in manual and auto, and extended, liked the auto hand brake and more important it's £0 road fund licence and great economy!

Hooked, I ordered. It was in stock but delivery was delayed due to Xmas/New Year closures etc.

Already it's clocked just over 1,000 miles (time to check oil levels) and has behaved itself impeccably. I've since added mud flaps front and rear, floor mats and a tow bar. (BTW, don't bother with front mud flaps. They are so small and next to useless in keeping dirt etc away from the car. They collect snow nicely...)

I had had an issue with the N/S door mirror where it was not folding out when the doors were opened. Took it to my local dealer and they have decided to fit a new unit. Still waiting for parts to come into stock.

Mood lighting doesn't appear to be working and I will ask the dealer to look into this when they do the mirror.

The swan neck tow bar was fitted by a local specialist, 1st Choice Windscreens & Towbars in Bletchley. They came to me which was brilliant. I paid £249 all in with VAT etc (non Citroen wiring) and have not had any issues. I have noticed that when I plug in the electrics it automatically switches off my parking sensors... I thought that only came with a factory loom?

Enough for now, will post more updates as they happen.
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Mon Jan 21 2013, 11:37am
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Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
Similar story.

VTR+ with Autopack has very good specification.
1.6HDi 110 has immense punch

Car is very solid, no niggles at all. We also got a 3 year service deal thrown in for free even after we had signed the deal so that was a nice bonus thank you Citroen.

Could you provide more details on the towbar and wiring, 13 pin Euro plug?


Only mod planned perhaps is to fit supplemantary rear air springs for extra load capacity.
Mon Jan 21 2013, 12:21pm

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Location: Hoylake
Agreed - the 110 HDi is a class act.
Mon Jan 21 2013, 01:37pm
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Location: Bucks
I have to say that the tow bar is nothing special. Just a regular Witter swan neck. I needed only single electrics as I'm only using it for a bike rack. I did'nt fit it, just supplied tea/coffee to the man that did! Not much more I can say.
Tue Jan 22 2013, 02:07pm
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Location: Bedfordshire

I have your cars twin, same model (with EGS), colour and I even have the auto pack as well. Picked mine up just before christmas already over 1,600 miles clocked up. Very pleased so far, around 55 mpg which in this cold is better than I was hoping for.
Mon Feb 11 2013, 04:56am
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Location: Bucks
Quick update.
Took car into Citroen last week to have the door mirror replaced. All fine now.

Whilst it was there, they investigated the 'mood lighting LED's' that are not working when you have the lights on. Once I had explained the issue and pointed it out to the technician (because he hadn't seen, or heard of these before.... WT?) he then spent 1.5 hours in the workshop apparently down loading and checking software and then making changes to switch them on. "All done. You now have these lights working".

Great. Took it home and tested them but holding a piece of card over the light sensor to make the car think it was dark. Nope, they don't work. Called dealer and now it's got to go back in for a further 2 days so that Citroen Technical can have an opportunity to have a look at things.

By the way, I happened to sound the horn the other day and it sounds like a [%*^#@!] van! My previous C4 VTR+ had a really nice 'twin tone' horn sound which was very loud and actually quite classy! Is it just me? What should it have? Van, or classy twin tone?

The car goes back next week so I will report back asap.
Tue Feb 26 2013, 11:24am
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Joined: Jul 03 2008
Location: Bucks
Horn update.
I had the opportunity to try a 11 plate VTR+ horn today. Lovely twin tone sound.

So the Service reception guy looked under the bonnet of my car to try and understand why it sounds like a van and he only found 1 horn. Simple, get another one on order! But, when he looked into the build spec of mine, sure enough it should only have 1 horn. Sorry mate that's how they come.

Is this right? Come on VTR+ people, am I being short changed by Citroen and they have down graded the spec, or is the Service man telling porkies?
Tue Feb 26 2013, 04:56pm
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Joined: Nov 21 2010
Location: North Norfolk UK
Hmmmm - sorry this is a bit of a sidetrack but fits with what you say. I used to have an LX Xantia, reasonable spec, I moved - up - to an SX C5, same spec, my next was an SX C4, it went down spec, my wife had a C4 VTR+, same spec as my earlier |LX and Sx cars but better than my C4 SX. Must say I am fed up with Citroen downgrading the spec of LX SX VTR etc so you are thinking you are getting an upgrade with your new car when in fact you are getting a basic model. Rant over - but I wish they would keep model specs the same, perhaps call them basic and deluxe - hmmmm
Wed Feb 27 2013, 11:39am
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Location: Scarborough
They have also downgraded the spec of the dashboard when the SatNav is option is specified. They have done away with the Hi res digital speed panel which incorporated other options. When the Satnav option is requested you get the standard speedometer and everything else is included within the SatNav screen.
When I picked mine up I thought they had fitted the wrong instruments until I found the update pages given with the handbook. Was a bit disappointed with that.
Thu Mar 21 2013, 03:48pm
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Location: Bucks
Mood lighting update. I now finally have this fixed. It only took 3 days at dealer! Had to have the car for that time so that Citroen technical could get involved. Solution? Downloaded latest software version.

I know some have said its not worth having but it gives just enough light to see the gear lever and what's in the storage cubby hole.
Sat Mar 23 2013, 01:38pm
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Joined: May 18 2011
Location: Manchester
I was interested to hear what Scarbro says about the speedo downgrade.

I have a 2011 VTR+, with nav and Auto Pack. My speedo has colour screen with computer, radio info, sat nav instructions all present and correct.

Mine is also white, looks fantastic clean, especially with my black 18" alloys, but a pain in the @rse to keep clean, especially when doing lots of motorway miles!
Sat Mar 30 2013, 05:00pm
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Location: Bargoed, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales
Very interesting read, My Brother Has Just Ordered A 1.6e-HDi EGS Exclusive in Shark Grey

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