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Interim Oil Change B7 C4

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Mon Jan 14 2013, 04:28am
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Joined: Nov 30 2009
Location: aberdeen
Hi all, decided to give the new C4 (B7) an interim oil change after 5 months of mainly around town use.

Engine is a DV6C: compared to the old C4 with 1.6HDi, here's the differences/similarities:-

1/ Engine under tray now held in place by M6 screws not quick releases. These probably need to be greased to stop them corroding solid over the long run.

2/ Oil Filter is the same disposable element, plastic outer is similar.

3/ The inlet air trunking is now held in place by a nice quick release, no more fiddling with a spanner.

4/ Sump drain plug looks to be the same design = weak thread on a pressed in insert, so be careful with this.

5/ Much improved access for maintenance / repair to gear shift cables, air filter, turbo control vacuum valve etc. Turbo air piping much simplified.

6/ Bonnet sticker is now Total Activa which I ignored and instead used ACEA C2 PSA B71 2290 spec oil - Millers XF in this case.

Summary, a lot of very good changes but still familiar.

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Mon Jan 14 2013, 04:39am

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Location: Northumberland
Nice to read that servicing has been made a bit easier G

BTW, created a new forum specifically for the New C4 (B7) and DS4 'Maintenance Tips' as there may be other differences to the pre 2011 cars.
Tue Jan 26 2016, 02:26am
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Location: aberdeen
Hi all, another interim oil change completed yesterday on the DV6C engine (I do an interim change every 6 months and a "main" change every 12 months).

This time, used the Pela oil extraction pump complete with the skinny oil tube. Engine was hot, having just completed a 5 mile trip including some hills. The Pela worked a treat, 4+ litres of oil removed and the whole job was so easy and clean. I can't imagine I'll ever remove the oil plug again in ownership of this vehicle.


Mon Jul 11 2016, 01:11am
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Joined: Jun 19 2016
Location: Newtownards, N.I.
actually, no tube is required for the Pela. The dipstick tube in recent PSA engines extends the whole way to the base of the sump (to enable extractions!). A short length of rubber hose to link between the Pela's thock hose and the top of the dipstick tube is all that's needed and extraction will be noticeably faster this way.
Sat Jan 07 2017, 07:23pm
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Joined: Dec 29 2016
Location: Australia
I've always used full synthetic 5W-30 grade oil on my DV6C turbo engine. I've always used an engine oil flush prior to oil change and filter change (oil filter was always changed at every oil change which is every 10,000kms), I live in Australia so I've used a local oil called PENRITE or NULON oils. In the Citroen C4 manual its recommends using only 5W-30 synthetic low SAP oils for the DV6C turbo HDi. The following is Citroens recommendation for all engines except HDi with FAP is; TOTAL ACTIVA 9000 or TOTAL QUARTZ 9000, SAE-5W-40/ACEA-A3 B4/PSA B71-2296. For HDi engines Citroen recommends; TOTAL ACTIVA INEO ECS or TOTAL QUARTZ INEO ECS, SAE-5W-30/ACEA-C2/PSA B71-2290. And there is a WARNING for C4 2.0, 180hp that its essential to use exclusively the TOTAL ACTIVA/QUARTZ 9000/5W-40 (A3/B4)
Mon Oct 29 2018, 03:59pm
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Location: Glasgow
I never used to use the correct Total oil but a same grade oil till Dave pointed out is it worth risking it to save a couple of pounds. Now that my son is an apprentice mechanic with Mazda and he has told me a couple of horror stories it makes Daves advice even more important.

My son told me that a garage put the wrong oil in a Mazda that needed a special oil and within a couple of month the engine was knackered, silver metal shards in the oil and a replacement engine ordered.

Mon Oct 29 2018, 04:13pm

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Location: Cambridgeshire
Oil is cheap, engines aren’t!
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 BigJohnD (31 Oct 2018 : 17:16)
Tue Dec 25 2018, 10:13am
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Quick one....ineo first 0w30 or ineo ecs 5w30?

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