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Tailgate Wiring Loom Repair Teardown, Repair and Rebuild

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Fri Jan 11 2013, 04:55am
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Location: Bristol area
I've just put together some notes that may be helpful for anyone with the dreaded tailgate cable fatigue problem.

Sorry, no photos - it was a cold day, working outside with the threat of rain (as ever!)

Thought it might be useful.

... supplementary - hadn't realised I can't attach a pdf. Have emailed it to a mod so maybe before too long...
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 dragospascu (27 Jun 2013 : 10:28)
Fri Jan 11 2013, 05:13am

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The guide is now here: - Click Here -
Fri Jan 25 2013, 03:53am
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Location: aberdeen
Hi all, another tip on this job is to reroute the washer hose away from the left hand rubber boot and into the right hand rubber boot (which is empty)

This stops all the wires binding onto the rubber hose and therefore having tension applies (which is what causes the breakage in the first place).

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 Dave_Retired. (25 Jan 2013 : 03:58) , DeuxChevaux (26 Jan 2013 : 04:52)
Fri Jan 25 2013, 03:58am

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Sounds like a good idea G
Sat Jan 26 2013, 04:55am
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Location: North Norfolk UK
Thanks Gmerry, very comprehensive indeed. I have no intention of doing the fix at the moment having had the loom on one of our cars done following a recall, but as you say yours seemed to have been done before.

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