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Need Some Advice

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Thu Dec 20 2012, 10:53am
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Joined: May 03 2011
Location: London
My C4 GP Exclusive had a depollution fault on it when I bought it from Citroen in Hatfield. This fault was discovered when I went to collect it, they did something and the light was not on when I got it.

It since returned and I took it into Citroen Sunbury but they said it was because the battery had low voltage. The said that they didn't really know what the problem was but most likely to be the battery and to bring it back if it returned.

It did come back and eventually replaced the battery in Halfords.

Depollution light was still on sadly and booked car in for a £99 service and asked them to look at it again, recalibrate the clutch and to look at a suspension fault I had been getting.

Got a call to say all fixed, arrived a centre and asked about what had been done, some wire had broken I was told so I thought great, no more depollution light horrah. Asked about the suspension and got told they didn't know what it was as it was intermittent. Paid £233 (they wanted £300 but i moaned a bit because it had been in before).

Next day the light was on again so it back at the centre.

Got a call earlier saying that the battery voltage is low and that's what is causing the suspension fault, are you sure I said because I have replaced the battery? yes definitely the battery they say. Erm OK i will check back with Halfords on this one but i said it does sound a bit strange because this was the exact same reason you gave me for the depollution fault originally. OK, I'll get back to you he said.

Just had a call and they say its definitely the battery causing the suspension fault. As for the depollution fault, they want to charge me £90 for further analysis, no chance I say because you have already had it a number of times to get this sorted out. They are going to call me back tomorrow.

I think I am going to have to just put up with the depollution light as they seem not to know what they are doing. As for the battery issue, I am thinking of getting them to put in a new battery and then I will have to go mentallist if I see this suspension fault again.

I will be writing to Citroen about this because I am not convinced that they know what they are doing and more worryingly, they are using the battery knackered reason a little too freely. It may be that the battery is to blame but I seriously doubt it.

Anyone have any advice for me here?

Thu Dec 20 2012, 01:07pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Find another dealer for a 2nd opinion
Thu Dec 20 2012, 01:08pm
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Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
If you bought this from a dealer in the last 6 months, then it is their responsibility to sort it out, take it back to them and if they don't you could reject the car as being unsatisfactory.
Mon Dec 24 2012, 02:42am
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Joined: May 03 2011
Location: London
Had an interesting chat with Citroen about this one, they say that the suspension problem is definitely a battery issue so I paid £140 odd for a new one (even though the one in the car is only 4 months old). Re the de-pollution problem, they say i need a new EGF valve and another valve at £799. That's not going to happen.

I think I will be writing to Citroen about this because when I purchased the car (year and a half ago) it had the depollution fault but the cleared it just before I bought it (probably deleted it from the logs), took it back to another dealer and they said it was down to a bad battery, replaced battery, took it back a while later and they could not find out what the problem was, only last week they found that it needed all that work on it.

Surely I shouldn't have to pay all of this because the fault was there at purchase and the dealers had three chances to fix it, only on the fourth time did they work out what it was.
Mon Dec 24 2012, 03:20am

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
How old is your car and does it have a full Citroën history? If it does have a full history its worth putting a request in for a goodwill gesture, they might not pay all of it but could cover a percentage of the cost.
Thu Dec 27 2012, 02:42am
Member No: #19573
Joined: May 03 2011
Location: London
Yeah it has a full Citroen history, the thing I am trying to get at here is I think that the service centre I went to (and maybe this is common with other ones too) have the skills/experience to resolve an issue, it's only on the fourth attempt that they have identified this one which really isn't good enough in my book.
Tue Jan 08 2013, 07:09am
Member No: #19573
Joined: May 03 2011
Location: London

Suspension fault back again after yet another new battery, these guys do not know what they are talking about, i even gave them the "are you sure?" question about 5 times.

Is it worth calling or writing to Citroen to get this sorted out. Running out of money on this one as i have already paid for two un-needed batteries
Tue Jan 08 2013, 07:39am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Personally I can't see the link between the battery and the suspension.

Two replacement batteries suggests to me that the charging circuitry or something else is at fault rather than the suspension. I also think that disconnecting the battery to replace it re-sets the system, and then the unknown fault re-appears.
Tue Jan 08 2013, 10:38am
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Joined: May 03 2011
Location: London
I am sick of taking time off to get this sorted out 2 problems, 4 chances to resolve one, 2 to resolve the other, not good 'service' in my opinion.

Waiting for Citroen to come back to me on this saga, hopefully will be resolved.

You guys on here know so much more that these herberts, its a real shame they do not look on here to troubleshoot/resolve thier customers problems

I am not in a good place right now
Thu Jan 10 2013, 03:26pm
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Joined: Dec 08 2010
Location: Nottingham
Find a good local independent specialist and go there. You will get much better service and can talk to people who actually understand how these cars work.

In their defence, our local Citroen dealer was actually very good when we had the suspension faulty error, which was fixed under warranty. However, now we're out of warranty we're using The Citron Clinic (that's not a spelling mistake) in Nottingham for our servicing & repair needs.
Fri Jan 11 2013, 04:38am
Member No: #19573
Joined: May 03 2011
Location: London
Yeah my experience is a bit different, in that for the suspension fault I have been fobbed off with the 'get a new battery' thing and this is what gets me the most. The depollution thing I am going to have to see what Citroen themselves say as I think they should pay something towards this if not all.
Once I get a reply from Citroen to my emails I will know a bit more on how to proceed but most likely not going to same dealer again.
Fri Jan 25 2013, 10:11am
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Location: cumbria
EGR valve see my post in C4GP section
Mon Jan 28 2013, 03:36am
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Joined: May 03 2011
Location: London
Just out of interest, how much did they charge for the EGR valve? Mine (supposedly) needs one of these AND an air doser valve. Just interested as Citroen want £700 for this work

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